If we give a little love, maybe, we can change the world.♥ {Ariana Grande}

This is for every single Arianator, who really loves & support Ariana Grande.♥


2. Audition.♥

Angle of view; Ariana.

I could feel the nervousness seep through my body as my name clearly was called. It was my turn, my turn to show what I have, what I can do & what I'm really passionate about. This had been my dream since I could talk & knew what acting was. Slowly I stood up, grabbed manu defense, as I had gone through many times & went to the door, the door that could lead to my future. It is now, I'll show them what I have. My hand seemed sweaty against the cold handle, but it was comfortable & gave me a little zest. The door creaked very slightly when I opened it & behind the door, sat four fresh people, a man & three women, anyway, so there was also a cameraman who was recording my audition.

'Hello, ehm, Ariana? According to my records, 'said the blonde woman who was in really short, red dress. 'Hello, yes, I'm Ariana & I have come to show what I can,' I answered quickly.

I was about to lose my papers, this was different for me, but now I would therefore complete this, I can do it, or I hope so.

'I would like to play' Cat Valentine '& I have chosen to present the scene where Tori Vega meetings Cat Valentine for the first time,' I continued.

'It sounds good! Now you just listen, I read Tori Vega's text aloud as you tear yourself away from manu defense, as much as you can & just argue your scene, as Cat Valentine, 'she answered me & it made me just more nervous, but I stalte I got to the right & then began right after her first line.

All lines are running around in my head right now, but I might.

'Hi, I'm Cat! Oh, are not you Tori Vega ..? 'I continue officiated.

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