The Book Of Animals

I am mad on Animals!!
When I grow up, I want to become an animal ranger in Africa.

I know an awful lot about them and I want to share my knowledge with you guys, so I am going to write a few Fact Files on animals I know about and if you want to know more about a certain animal, just comment and ask!!

This will help you out with Animal Science knowledge, and for me to revise that knowledge and have somewhere to look back to if I'm studying sometime.

Thank You!
Scott R


2. Rainbow Lorikeet

Hello Tabitat,
You have recently asked me for information on the Rainbow lorikeet. Here you go:

So I have a Latin name for you, I'd say that you just shouldn't attempt to say it out loud: Tricholglossus haematodus.

This lorikeet is native to the island of Australia, Indonesia and the Solomon islands, so they are used to hot climates and it lives in forested areas, rainforests and woodland usually.


It is a very pretty, colourful and exquisite really. As you can see from that picture, it isn't camouflaged, so it indicates that it is not preyed upon by much, and in rainforests, they can't, they are dominant.

They often fly in pairs, though they do sometimes join into flocks and disperse again into pairs. They keep their territories safe from other pairs of Rainbows' and other species of birds.

Like all birds in the rainforest, they eat fruit and pollen and nectar, with a tongue that has evolutionised for its particular diet.

So, Tabitat, I'd respect your little Calliope, because they are a remarkable species of bird.





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