The Book Of Animals

I am mad on Animals!!
When I grow up, I want to become an animal ranger in Africa.

I know an awful lot about them and I want to share my knowledge with you guys, so I am going to write a few Fact Files on animals I know about and if you want to know more about a certain animal, just comment and ask!!

This will help you out with Animal Science knowledge, and for me to revise that knowledge and have somewhere to look back to if I'm studying sometime.

Thank You!
Scott R


3. Meerkat

Yes, I am writing about everyones beloved mammal, the meerkat.


From South Africa, the meerkat is a small mammal. Its anatomy is almost identical to a big cat, like a lion, but it is smaller. Because the meerkat is a carnivore, its skull and teeth are the same as the lion, strong and sharp to tear through meat and scorpions.

Living in packs or clans of 20 or more, they build a home of tunnels and tubes under the sand, in the centre, pups are kept, safer from the outer tunnels. Meerkats are hunted by snakes and birds of prey, snakes sliding down the tunnels, ready to eat. Birds of prey circling over head, waiting for a meerkat to go on look-out, then they'd swoop.

But meerkats are clever, if they see or sense a predator, they use a series of bleeps and squeaks to warn each other, a sort of language. Another thing, meerkats have evolved to be immune to small amounts of snake venom.


Remember to ask for a fact file about your favourite animal. :D


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