The Book Of Animals

I am mad on Animals!!
When I grow up, I want to become an animal ranger in Africa.

I know an awful lot about them and I want to share my knowledge with you guys, so I am going to write a few Fact Files on animals I know about and if you want to know more about a certain animal, just comment and ask!!

This will help you out with Animal Science knowledge, and for me to revise that knowledge and have somewhere to look back to if I'm studying sometime.

Thank You!
Scott R


4. Leopard

The Leopard.

The leopard lives in the African Savvanah, usually living in the Acacia trees in the plains. As a predator, they hunt gazelles, wildebeasts e.t.c. But they are quite small, and up against other predators like super fast cheetahs and the huge, powerful lions. So they must have something that brings them above the rest, right?

Yes. They are versatile and agile, and quite fast, hunting day and night, from dung beetles to 800-900 elands. So thats how they hunt.

They can breed all year round, and the time of being pregnant is, I think, 100 days or so. And they can live until they are 21, but that is in captivity though.

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