The Book Of Animals

I am mad on Animals!!
When I grow up, I want to become an animal ranger in Africa.

I know an awful lot about them and I want to share my knowledge with you guys, so I am going to write a few Fact Files on animals I know about and if you want to know more about a certain animal, just comment and ask!!

This will help you out with Animal Science knowledge, and for me to revise that knowledge and have somewhere to look back to if I'm studying sometime.

Thank You!
Scott R


1. African Grey Parrot

I own an african grey, called Ozzy. It is as clever and sociable as any other parrot such as a macaw. It can learn to speak if effort is put into it, they are small compared to the Macaw, at about the size of a guinea pig and a little taller, they are a wonderful domesticated pet.

Now, I have remembered that long latin name for as long as I have had this bird, so don't judge my spelling: Psitticus erithicus.

In the wild, they eat berries, fruit and nuts and nest in the holes of trees, they do this in trees near a source of water, as you would!

You may be asking if they are independent birds, nope, they often live in small flocks and forage for food and stuff. Although at night time, lots of the flocks group together and rest in groups of what could be thousands!


I hope you found this chapter interesting and if you have any questions on them, just ask!!

If you want info on another animal, just ASK!!

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