The Break Up

Okay, so this is just a little poem about a girl who has recently been dumped. Please check it out :) ;)


1. The Break Up

How can you be,

So cold to me?

The way you glare,

My heart won't repair.


All those memories,

And good moments we had.

It's almost as if,

They've all turned bad.


You said that you loved me.

Was this ever true?

You still make me cry,

Because I still love you.


Calling me names,

And being rude.

Why do you hurt me so?

And put me in a bad mood?


I try to forget,

As I know I can't turn back time.

But I can't forget you darlin'

It might help me, so I write a rhyme.


It hurts so much,

When you pretend to care.

It makes me want to kiss you so,

And run my hands through your hair.


Then you say laughingly;

"It will never happen again."

You were only seeing if I still loved you,

I fear my heart will never mend.


You drive me crazy,

My sweet petit old lover.

I think I need some advice,

From my darling foster Mother.


I can't wait 'till this is over,

As I am on the mend.

But for the moment, sweet little Niall,

You drive me round the bend.


Here I am again,

Still no more far on.

Maybe I'll keep this poem,

And turn it into a song.


So darlin' sweetheart Niall,

I still love and care.

But only you will be to blame,

If I'm not standing there.


As your friend.


The way you taunt and tease,

And hurt me very much.

So, as the second last stanza,

Niall, I wish you luck.


I cannot try no more,

To keep our friendship pact.

But, for the moment, I will do my best,

And that is a fact.

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