Finding Dumbo - Completed

Sorry don't know what category to put this in - I would like to put it in "Historical Fiction but It doesn't exist :)

"Dumbo" is an eight year old boy suffering from undiagnosed Shizophrenia in the 1800's. He has never had a Name...


2. what do you mean escaped????

Back at the asylum Lord Rooksby settled down in to his easy chair, attired in a velvet smoking suit with soft, warm slippers on his feet and a pipe in his mouth he could not have been more contented. “P, p, please sir, Dumbo’s ‘scaped sir” Rooksby looked up from his newspaper. How, he wondered had he ever employed such a simple child. “Don’t be silly boy; Major probably just let him out for exercise”

“N, n, no sir, Corporal told me to tell you he scaped sir, and he took the gun with ‘im sir and Major’s dead, he shot ‘im sir, right through the...”

“Yes, yes I get the picture. Now go and find him!”

“We tried sir, looked in the wine cellar and everyfin sir, but he ain’t there sir.”

“Well look again!” lord Rooksby roared; “And if that boy isn’t back by midnight tonight.” He lit his pipe. “Then I’ll have you clapped in chains for the 12 o’clock show. With that stutter you should be convincing!”

“Y, y, yes.” The boot boy mumbled, “Of course sir;” and with that, he left the room.

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