Finding Dumbo - Completed

Sorry don't know what category to put this in - I would like to put it in "Historical Fiction but It doesn't exist :)

"Dumbo" is an eight year old boy suffering from undiagnosed Shizophrenia in the 1800's. He has never had a Name...


8. The end

Even as a boy Lord Rooksby had never been good at riding. Now he was flagging. Far behind the rest. They were heading towards the cliffs. If the boys weren’t careful he thought, then one of them would not be coming back that evening.

“There’s no doubt about it sir; ran straight over. One of the dogs – Lottie got pushed off before we managed to calm the pack down.”


“Never mind, good riddance to bad blood, I say”

“I see.” Lord Rooksby walked over to the edge and peered down at the red blob, slowly fading with the waves. He sat on the crumbly chalk, slowly humming. Then leant forward and calmly toppled over, diving down to join Dumbo.

The blue jacketed guards turned to see what had happened. For a moment they were stunned, confused. Then someone laughed.

“Well you know what they say, like father like son.”

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