Finding Dumbo - Completed

Sorry don't know what category to put this in - I would like to put it in "Historical Fiction but It doesn't exist :)

"Dumbo" is an eight year old boy suffering from undiagnosed Shizophrenia in the 1800's. He has never had a Name...


4. It all went swimmingly

"What's going on up there?" Lord Rooksby called out of the carriage window. The procession had stopped for some time now and he was beginning to get impatient. "I say, what is the matter up there? Why have we stopped?

"There has been a slight problem sir"

"Well what is it?" The guard shifted uneasily in his shining leather boots “Come on, out with it man!”

"The dogs have lost the scent; he swam across the lake; there’s no doubt about it.”

"Swum?! But he can't swim. He's never seen a pond before!"

"Well he has sir, or sunk trying"

Sir Rooksby dismounted and stomped over to the water’s edge. Two distinct footprints were embedded in the mud, small and barefoot; quite recent too. He surveyed the other side of the lake. There was nothing but reeds and poplars there. Oh, but wait a moment. Was that a house on the right? Yes; it had to be, a column of smoke was rising above the trees.

“Hey there, Corporal; we’ll head for that house over there. They may have seen him. At the very least we can water the horses”

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