Finding Dumbo - Completed

Sorry don't know what category to put this in - I would like to put it in "Historical Fiction but It doesn't exist :)

"Dumbo" is an eight year old boy suffering from undiagnosed Shizophrenia in the 1800's. He has never had a Name...


1. Run

Running; stopping; shooting; running, always running. Away from the blue men, away from the bars, away from the dark. A fork in the road.  Fork; Knife; eat? No! Must concentrate, concentrate, concentrate. No time eating, stupid. Straight ahead again, well that was easy wasn’t it, No! Voices following him everywhere. Running behind him, in front of him, beside him. Never slowing, never speeding up.  He came to a sharp u bend but kept on running. Through the bushes, over the fence, through the field; he splashed into the lake. Not swimming but walking along the bottom.  His head went under…and stayed under.



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