Friends With Benefits


64. Chapter 64

Despite my cool demeanor, my heart was pounding against my chest as I sat there on my sofa in the midst of a panic. My mum was sat next to Leslie having a casual conversation, while I sat silent on the other end of the couch, eyes piercing into Leslie. Specifically her neck. The spot on her neck just below her ear; The spot on her neck where I just moments earlier, was tasting her sweet skin; The spot on her neck where I could now see a hickey creeping up on to its surface as every second passed. 
I bit at the skin on my thumb, a nervous habit of mine that I really needed to cut, as I tried to maintain my composure. 

"I think I fancy a cup of tea," I heard my mum say as she stood up from the sofa, drawing me out of my concentration to the spot on Leslie's neck. 
"Would you like some darling?"
"If it's no trouble," Leslie said sweetly. 
"Not at all," she said as she headed over to the kitchen. 
Leslie got up to follow her, as did I her. I grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her back quickly so we would be concealed behind the living room wall. 
She eyed me curiously, leaning her head in inquiringly. 
"What is it?"
"Did you bring any makeup with you?" I asked anxiously.
"Erm, yeah. Why?"
"Because you really need some right now!" I said hastily in a hushed tone.
She gawked at me, slapping a hand against the top of my arm, in what she believed to be a painful manner, as she furrowed her eyebrows at my remark. 
"Rude!" she exclaimed in a heightened whisper.
"Wha- oh! No no no no no, baby, baby! I didn't mean it like that, baby, I promise," I said in a rushed whisper, trying to save myself from the wrath of Leslie that was sure to come if I didn't explain my reasoning within the next second. Her lips were pursed tight with an eyebrow raised, awaiting my explanation.
"I meant you need makeup for your neck," I said, grabbing her by the waist and quickly whipping her around so she could see her reflection in the living room mirror. I pressed my fingertips across the now fully formed love bite; fingertips that were quickly replaced by her own, as if her touch was a much better shield.
"Shit!" she whispered.
She headed over to her handbag and pulled out a little bottle of beige makeup. She dabbed literally a droplet on to her fingertip and then went back to the mirror to see what she was doing. I scrunched my eyebrows. How could that little droplet possibly cover anything? If I were her, I'd use the whole damn bottle.
I watched her press it to her skin and then spread it around accordingly. It did a lot more than I thought it would. She went back to her bag and took out a compact, powdering the spot lightly to finish the job.
I'd never understand makeup. Or how girls knew what to do with it. I shook my head at the thought.
She put her makeup away and walked back to me.

"Better?" she asked, sweeping back her hair and tilting her neck for me to inspect. I was so tempted to make another mark, but resisted the urge.
"Better," I said simply. 
She attempted to head into the kitchen again, but I pulled her back once more.
"What is it this time?" she asked. 
I peered over her shoulder and passed the wall that concealed us from the kitchen to see my mum's back facing us, as she made the tea. A mischievous smirk began to appear on my face.
Without warning I pinned Leslie against the wall, almost causing her to let out a squeal at my sudden actions. 
"Harry, your mum-" she began to whisper in protest.
I rested my index finger against her lips, indicating for her to stop speaking. I leaned in to her, pressing my forehead to hers, gripping the bottom of her jumper to pull her in closer. She was tense at first, but I felt her relax, as she gazed into my eyes. I could see want forming behind her eyes, as the need for our lips to touch began to grow. I smiled against her lips and then pressed them to hers. I kissed her soft and slow. I felt her eagerness begin to rise and let my tongue hint at her lips; teasing her. 
She began to part her lips, to accept my tongue against hers but I pulled away abruptly.
She had a questioning look spread across her face as to why I stopped. 
"Not so fun being on the opposite end of the tease, is it?" I said with a smug smirk as I stepped back and walked away toward the kitchen. 
I looked back over my shoulder to see her tongue pressed to her cheek, shaking her head, and trying to suppress a smile. 
I chuckled to myself lightly.
"You're gonna get it later," she mouthed as she walked in behind me; eyes narrowed and still shaking her head.
A wicked grin formed on my face.
"Can't wait," I mouthed in response, giving her a seductive wink.

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