Friends With Benefits


63. Chapter 63

A few days later...

Harry P.O.V.
I was sat on my sofa with Leslie's legs strewn across my lap as she lay comfortably watching me play FIFA. My knuckles rested nonchalantly on her shins as I held the xbox controller in my hand, trying to score a goal. 
"Mother fu-" I hissed, biting my lip, frustrated that my kick was blocked yet again. 
"This is bullshit," I said fed up, pausing the game and throwing the controller aside angrily. 
I tilted my head back in frustration against the cushion of the sofa and let out a huff. 
I heard Leslie giggling beside me and looked over at her.
"What's so funny?" I asked, eyeing her. 
"You're really sexy when you're mad," she said with a smile. 
I cocked my eyebrow up at her. 
"It's sort of a turn on," she said, looking up at me form underneath her eyelashes with a smirk; deepening the dimple on her cheek. 
"Oh, is it now?" I asked intrigued. She shrugged her shoulders lazily, looking back at me with a slow, gentle blink. She was such a tease.
I gave her a tiny smirk and mustered a playful growl as I turned my body to face her, grabbing her by the loops of her jeans and dragging her towards me, causing her to let out a tiny squeal. 
She lay completely flat on the sofa with her jumper riding up just a bit to reveal her stomach. Her cheek pressed to her shoulder as she shook ever so slightly with laughter. 
She bit her bottom lip and accompanied it with a smile as I positioned myself on top of her; my body pressing against hers as I began to attack her lips with my own in a playful manner. She giggled against my quick kisses and I couldn't help but do the same as I smiled through every kiss.

With each peck, I began to linger longer on her lips, slowly releasing them; hesitating to part from her. She began to look me longingly in the eyes, grabbing the nape of my neck, steadying me, and pulling me in close. She slowly flickered her eyelids, then shut them closed as her giggles gradually ceased; our kisses settling down and becoming soft and slow. My tongue tickled her own as we delved deeper into our kiss.
Soon the only sounds that could be heard were the lapping of our tongues and intakes of our breath. I hitched up one of her legs to my hip as she slid her foot up and down my leg; her heel digging into my calf. Her hand then slid down my neck, finding the collar of my shirt as she gripped it tightly, wadding up the fabric in her delicate hand and pulling me in closer. My right hand rested on her waist, as I ran the pads of my fingertips across her exposed skin absentmindedly. My body sank low between her legs, as we lay perfectly intertwined. Our heads bobbed in sync with our tongues massaging one another's and our lips never parting. 
As the time passed, our breathing became heavier; the passion between us increasing at a rapid rate as her warm tongue danced against my own. 
I wanted her. I needed her.
I snaked my hand from around her waist and began to fumble with the button of her jeans, only to be stopped as her hand met mine in resistance.
"Your mum could come home any minute," she breathed as she released her lips from mine for just a moment. 
"I'm willing to risk it," I whispered in a heavy breath as I then pressed my lips just below her ear, circling my tongue against the tender skin of her neck. I ran my tongue against her, following up with gentle kisses as I trailed my lips back up to her chin. I grazed my lips against her jaw line until finally meeting her lips again; gently tugging at her bottom lip with my teeth. I slid my tongue into her parted lips eagerly as I once again began to try and unfasten the button of her jeans. 
"No, Harry, we can't," she said between our kiss as she blocked my hand once again. I groaned against her lips as I then released them and lifted my head to allow my eyes to meet hers. I pursed my lips and sighed. 
"You're not thinking with the right head right now," she said with a tiny smirk as she delicately wound her hand around my wrist, moving my hand aside. 
"We can't risk your mum walking in on us." 

As if on cue, I heard a key rattling in the lock of my front door. My eyes widened as I jolted my head up to face the door.
"Shit!" I said, as we both instantly shot up and scrambled to opposite ends of the couch. 
I tousled my hair, and wiped my forefinger and thumb against my swollen lips. Leslie quickly adjusted her jumper, straightening it out with the palms of her hands.
"Where's my controller?!" I said in a frenzy as I lifted up the pillows in a panic. It would look awfully suspicious if we were just sat here staring at a paused game.
"You're sitting on it!" she exclaimed in a hushed tone. 
I grabbed it from under me and repositioned myself back to sit in a normal position as I kicked my feet up onto the coffee table and pressed play.
"Hey, sweetie!" my mum said seconds later as she made her way into the living room.
I looked over my shoulder nonchalantly.
"Oh, hi mum," I said coolly. "I didn't even hear you come in."

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