Friends With Benefits


62. Chapter 62

A moment later he surfaced with his hair splattered all over his face and a thrill in his eyes as he regained his breath. 

"This feels amazing!" he exclaimed as he swept his hair back and rubbed the water out of his eyes, with a look of absolute delight etched across his face. "Come join me, Love!"

I bit my bottom lip once again, debating what to do, and after a moment, I finally gave in.

"Okay, fine, I'll do it!" I exclaimed. 
"Woo!" he exclaimed with a large, excited smile.
I wasn't going to do a big theatrical entrance like Harry did though. 

I sat up from my spot on the blanket and began tugging up the edges of my blouse to take it off. Harry's eyes were fixed on my every move, and a sudden feeling of self-consciousness came over me.
"Don't look!" I yelled over to Harry; my cheeks turning pink.
He rolled his eyes. "I've seen you naked loads of time, Love."
"Yeah...but...still, look away! I don't like the way I look naked..." I said, my voice trailing off.
"But you're perfect to me..." he said sincerely as he gazed up from the water looking directly into my eyes, but then turning around nonetheless, obeying my wish. I bit my bottom lip, trying to suppress a smile but failing as his words sank in.

I undressed, leaving nothing but my panties on as I covered up my breasts with my hand and arm and tiptoed over to the dock. 
I stood there with my feet curled over the docks edge as I peered into the water nervously. 
I took a deep breath and a sudden rush of adrenaline seeped through me as I dropped my hand from covering myself up and held my nose as I jumped into the water with a splash. 

I surfaced, catching my breath and flipping my hair back out of my face. Harry was right. This was exhilarating. 

I blinked the water out from my eyes as I waded in the water and turned around to look for Harry. He was already right behind me with a charming smile etched across his face; pressing his fingertips into the dimples of my lower back as he then pulled me in close.
"Nice of you to join me," he said cheekily. 
I narrowed my eyes and scrunched my nose, causing him to chuckle lightly as we bobbed in the water together.

He held up his hand and I intertwined it with mine. My hand fit perfectly in his like it was made just for him. He brought it to his lips as he kissed it gently before letting go. 
He looked down at me, gazing into my eyes for what seemed like a lifetime, and then focused his eyes upon my face, softly brushing his damp fingertips across my cheeks as if he was solving some sort of maze. 
"What're you doing?" I asked with a curious smile.
"Joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheek," he said sweetly with a smile as he continued to gently stroke my face. 
I smiled, and as soon as I did, he smiled back warmly, pressing his fingertips to the crinkles by my eyes in admiration. "I love the little crinkles by your eyes when you smile," he said as I blushed self-consciously.
"Seems to me like you're just pointing out all of my flaws," I said teasingly, although underneath it all being serious. He paused for a moment, taking in what I had just said and then let out a soft sigh.

"You're perfect to me," he said again genuinely as his eyes shifted back to mine, sparkling with complete sincerity. "You may consider them flaws...but I consider them to be all the little things that made me fall head over heels in love with you."

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