Friends With Benefits


60. Chapter 60

"Oh-well okay then," he said taken aback by my forwardness, but bearing a pleased smile nonetheless.

He lay flat on the blanket as I swung my leg over and positioned myself on top of him; my knees digging into his sides as I pressed myself against him, giving him a sweet and gentle kiss. His hands found their way to my hips where he rested them comfortably as I delved deeper and deeper into our kiss; my tongue dancing against his; taking in his sweet taste. 
I missed him so much. I had been waiting to kiss him like this for an entire week. I think I would have gone insane if I had to put it off any longer. 
His fingers ran up and down my spine, his hand every so often, running through my hair. 
My hands rested on his upper chest and shoulders as I found myself moving my hips against him, mimicking the movement of my lips against his.

After a while I slowly tried to pull away, in need to catch my breath. Every time I did so however, he would just pull me back in as he gently bit down and sucked on my bottom lip, wanting more. I smiled against his lips until I finally broke free. I sat up on his lap with my knees still securely on either side of his torso as I sat back against his propped up knees. He looked up at me with the edges of his lips rising up, showing off his prominent dimples. His hands slowly slid up and down my thighs absentmindedly, tracing his fingertips along my skin, as he just lay there looking at me, in an admiring fashion. I blushed as he was beginning to make me feel self-conscious just by the way he was looking at me. 
"What?" I asked shyly, pushing a loose strand of my hair behind my ear.
"Nothing- I just like looking at you is all. You're so beautiful," he said sweetly. 
"Oh, stop it," I said, blushing like crazy, lightly hitting his shoulder in a teasing manner. 
As I still sat on his lap with his hands still on me, securing me on to him; I reached over to the picnic basket to see what types of goodies he brought us.

"Oooh! Chocolate strawberries!" I said excitedly as I pulled the carton out and opened it up to try some. I danced my fingers undecidedly across the strawberries until I found the one that appeared to be the biggest and the best; picking it out and then placing the carton down on to the blanket.
I took a bite of the big strawberry and my eyes lit up instantly. It was so delicious. I placed the other half of my half-eaten strawberry against Harry's lips.
"Here, try it, it's so good," I said still chewing on my half and then covering my mouth with a giggle as juice began to almost spill out of my mouth. He chuckled and obeyed as he opened his mouth to eat it, never letting his eyes leave mine.

"It's so delicious and sweet, right?" I asked in disbelief of how good it tasted.
He finished his half and nodded with a shrug. 
"Yeah...but I know something that's sweeter," he said with a cheeky grin as he then grasped the top of my shirt gently as he pulled me down to him; placing his lips on to mine. The corners of my lips curled up against his lips as I giggled at his cheekiness. His hands went down my sides as they once again rested on either side of my waist to secure me on to him. The pads of his thumbs rubbed against the exposed skin of my hips, sending chills through my body at his touch. 
I let him take complete control as our lips moved in sync with one another. He was kissing me with so much passion, and I was enjoying every minute of it. 

After a while, we slowly started to pull away as I now planted soft and gentle kisses on to his lips.
He flicked his tongue under my top lip seductively and then gave me a smug smile. 
"Yep, definitely sweeter," he said with a wink.

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