Friends With Benefits


59. Chapter 59

This was the first time I'd seen Harry in over a week. He'd been spending a lot of time with his mum and step-dad since they'd been gone for so long- which was understandable, but I had been missing him like crazy. 
Tonight though- tonight was our night. 
"Where are we going?" I asked again, pleading for an answer from the passenger seat of Harry's car as I averted my gaze from the window and over my shoulder to Harry.
"It's a surprise," he said looking over at me with a wide smile.
He had been driving down this dark, winding road for what seemed like forever and I was getting anxious. I had never been over here before and was completely lost.
"Seriously- where are we going?" I asked, confused by the unfamiliar scenery.
"Babe, just trust me," he said with yet another charming smile.
I bit my cheek and crossed my arms as I leaned back into my seat with a little huff. Harry let out a soft chuckle as he rubbed my inner thigh comfortingly, then gave it a little squeeze. 
"We're almost there, I promise," he said sweetly.

He turned onto a dirt road that I could tell was a road not many people have ventured on before. After about a mile's drive we reached its end, as we came into view of nothing but overgrown shrubbery and trees. 
"Um, Harry..." I said confused as to how a dead-end road was the "special surprise" he had in mind. 
"Don't worry, this isn't it," he chuckled as he cut off the engine. "There's a walkway behind those trees, just there," he said, pointing to a small trail in the distance. 

We got out of the car and I waited by my door as he went around to his trunk to grab something. 

"Okay- ready!" he said as he reached my side. I turned around to face him to see that he had a big picnic basket in hand and an enthusiastic smile upon his face. A small smile formed across my face as he then reached out his hand to grab mine. 

He led me down the eerie, hidden pathway until we finally reached the other side of the crowd of trees; coming into view of our final destination. 
I was in absolute awe as I took in the scene before my eyes. 

We were standing on the sand of a small and beautiful, secluded beach. The moonlight reflected off of the water in the distance as the waves were crashing smoothly and quietly against the sandy shore. Harry had set up a little picnic area in the mounds of sand with posts that held lanterns, and were joined together with twinkling lights that gently danced against the misty breeze. It was an absolutely magical sight. I was speechless as I took everything in. 

I could feel Harry's eyes boring into me, as he anxiously waited for a reaction, a response- anything.
"This is perfect," I whispered, still in awe as I looked up at him. A large, pleased smile formed across his face as he squeezed my hand excitedly and leaned in for a quick kiss. "I'm glad you like it," he said relieved. 

Resting my hand on Harry's shoulder for support, I took off my shoes one by one and held them by the straps as they dangled from my fingertips. We walked across the sand over to the amazing spot Harry had set up just for me. As we reached its center, I was just about to sit down before Harry stopped me.

"Oh, wait!" he said placing the picnic basket onto the ground as he bent down to open it up. I eyed him curiously- wondering what he was doing. 

He pulled out a blanket, flapping it out to release it from its folds as he then spread it across the sand. Then with a smile he patted his hand down onto it, indicating for me to now sit. 
"For you, my lady," he said in a cute voice.
"Why thank you, kind sir," I said with a giggle as I sat and positioned myself comfortingly and gracefully on to the blanket. 
"You are oh so welcome," he said, mimicking my tone with a smile as he sat down beside me. He was so cute and thoughtful...and perfect. I watched him carefully as he sat down with ease and pulled the picnic basket over to him. 
"Okay, let's see here," he said, bringing the basket in front of him and rummaging through it. He looked so innocent, and cute, and just genuinely seemed like he was trying to make sure this night went perfectly.
"I've got-"
I didn't let him finish as I pushed the basket gently aside and placed my hand on his chest, pushing him down to lie flat on the blanket. I just couldn't resist him anymore. All I wanted was the taste that his lips allowed.

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