Friends With Benefits


56. Chapter 56

A few days later...
There were more people here than I was expecting. I thought it would only be the boys, me, Eleanor and Danielle but they brought friends and their friends brought friends, and before I knew it I was throwing a full on house party. I hadn't prepared for this many people so I didn't buy that much alcohol, but that was taken care of rather quickly. Almost everyone who arrived didn't show up empty handed, which meant there was enough alcohol to last us a week. There was a keg in one corner, beer pong going on in another...wait, that's not my table...did someone literally show up with a table to my party? This was getting completely out of hand...but that's what made it so great. Everyone was having such a great time; packed in, dancing, cup in hand, just having fun. 
I glanced around the room taking everything in and spotted Niall. I saw that he had upgraded from flirting with a plastic tree to flirting with an actual girl. But wait, not just one girl- TWO girls. He was working his Irish charm on two girls I had seen around a couple of times- Haylee and Laura. They were melting at his every word. I watched him in action for a while, as I was so fascinated with the effect he had on them. Niall was so flirtatious and had such an infectious smile that any girl, or even boy, couldn't resist smiling around him and being just as happy as he was. 
He grabbed a cupcake off of the counter and...wait did someone bring cupcakes? Wow, this was some party. I shook my head and focused my attention back to Niall. He pressed the frosting to his nose and leaned in to Haylee, prompting her to lick it off. 
"I seem to have gotten frosting on me, would you help me get it off, babe?" he said with a smile and wink. She giggled and leaned in, brushing the tip of her tongue to his nose, and licking off the frosting without hesitation. Niall had a right laugh. I was so in awe of him. 
He turned to look at Laura and was just being the cute and adorable person that he was, telling her she "looked so beautiful tonight."
"Aww, you don't look so bad yourself," Laura teased as she giggled and brushed her palm across his cheek, making him turn bashful. He was such a player, but in a cute, adorable, "I can't ever be mad at him" kind of way. 
I continued my gaze around the room and saw Zayn in the corner with another girl I had seen around- Krista. I had seen them together earlier when Zayn took a body shot off of her, rather seductively. Now, I watched as he flirted with her so intensely; touching her cheek, and making her blush with his compliments. He was leaned in so close to her, his lips almost touching hers as he spoke. Before I knew it, he had her pressed against the wall, with one hand running up and down her body and the other hitching up her leg around his waist. Her hands were entangled in his hair, tugging tightly as their tongues were down each other's throat, smiling against each other's lips. They were full on making out, and they had only met two hours ago. "That's one way to get over Mary," I giggled to my self and shook my head, continuing my surveying of the party. 
I saw Louis, Eleanor, Liam and Danielle dancing together in the crowd, enjoying their selves. They always seemed to stick together, those four. It was a certain bond that only they had, both being in such long relationships, and just getting on so well. I smiled and hoped that one day I could share that same bond with them. Which reminded me of the boy I had been looking for. I scanned the room and saw him from across the crowd. Our eyes met and he smiled. I returned the smile as I walked into the pool of people and guided myself to him as he met me halfway. "There you are, I've been looking for you," Harry said as he looked down at me with his drunken gaze and a crooked smile. I smiled in response. I could smell the alcohol on his breath as he spoke. He pulled me in close, pressing my body to his. The music was blaring and I could feel the bass booming in my chest. He had one hand firmly placed on the small of my back as I rolled my hips against him to the music. I swirled around and pressed my back to him as I placed my arms carelessly around his neck, swaying against him as he placed his hands on my hips pressing me into him in all the right places. He had his face buried into my neck, with his curls brushing my cheek as he pressed his lips to my neck. I turned around again and grabbed him by the belt attached to his nicely fitted jeans, as I pulled him in even closer to me. I then wrapped my arms around his neck and went for a kiss. He tasted of hard liquor as our tongues danced against each other. His hands were grabbing tightly at my backside making me smile against his lips. "You have such a nice ass, you know that?" he said in a slur. I giggled and reciprocated his actions. "As do you," I said with a wink.

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