Friends With Benefits


51. Chapter 51

I went upstairs and then cautiously peeked my head into her room. My face was instantly met with a large pillow.
"You...fucking..." she started to say as she hit me repeatedly with it. I was snickering beyond control. She wasn't doing much damage.
"Harry!" she said, not being able to control her laughter, "I can't believe you just did that!" I shrugged my shoulders in response. "Oops."
"I feel so bad!" she said. 
"Don't lie, you know you enjoyed rubbing it in his face, at least a little bit" I said teasingly.
She suppressed a smile and looked up at me.
"See- I knew it!" I said smiling.
"Ugh fine!" she said with a laugh, "Let's just eat, I'm starved."
We headed over to her bed and opened up the box of pizza. She didn't hesitate one bit as she devoured practically half of it in one sitting. I couldn't help but laugh to myself and sit back in awe. I liked the fact that she wasn't embarrassed to eat in front of me like most girls usually are. She didn't care if I saw her attack that pizza like a lion attacking its prey, and I loved that about her. 
Soon enough we had finished the entire pizza.
"Mmm," she said as she leaned back and rubbed her stomach. "That was good. Thanks babe," she said as she leaned over to kiss me. 
"Anytime," I said with a wink as I kissed her right back. We delved deeper and deeper into our kiss when all of a sudden we heard her phone buzz on her bedside table. I separated my lips from hers so she could check who it was. Instead of ignoring it, she became extremely focused on the text and texted back quickly. 
"Okay, you done?" I asked anxiously.
"Hold on one second," she said curtly as she texted back whomever was texting her. I was a bit taken aback by her response. I was expecting her to ignore the next texts but instead, she sat there, texting back and awaiting a reply. And I knew she wasn't texting her mum. I was getting a little bit antsy.
She was basically ignoring me, just to talk to whomever it was she was texting. Who was so important?

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