Friends With Benefits


50. Chapter 50

Harry P.O.V.
"I am not going to answer the door when he gets here," Leslie said with her arms crossed as she sat at her kitchen island. 
"That's fine," I said simply with a smile. I had already devised a plan that suggested otherwise. Just then the doorbell rang. 
"Oh goody, he's here!" I said giddily. She gave me a smirk and I walked out of the kitchen, purposely leaving my wallet behind.
I went up to the door and opened it as I saw Jake standing in front of me. He was surprised to see me, but I wasn't surprised to see him.
"Uh, hey Harry," he said. 
"Hey, Jake how's it going?" I said in a very chipper tone.
"Good..." he said and I nodded my head in response. "Good." We both awkwardly nodded for a few seconds without saying a word.
"You have something on your neck," he said, breaking the silence. I touched the spot he was indicating and smiled. "Oh..." he said, realizing what it was, "Nice..." 
"So what do I owe you?" I asked. He told me the total and I acted as if I had mistakenly forgotten my wallet. "Hold on one second, Jake," I said.
"Babe!" I called out to Leslie. She peeked out from the kitchen, wide-eyed. 
"I seem to have forgotten my money on the kitchen counter...would you be a dear and bring it to me?" I asked with a mischievous smirk. She gave me a death glare as she shook her head in disbelief at what I was making her do. "I'm going to kill you," she mouthed from across the room. My smile grew even wider as I gave her a quick wink.
"Oh, so you have a girlfriend now?" Jake asked, drawing my attention back to him. I could tell a little part of him was pleased with this because he figured he now had a chance with Leslie. He would soon find out however that that would in fact never happen. A smug look formed on my face at the thought. "Yep," I said simply.
"Guess that explains the love bite then," he said with a laugh. "Do I know her?" he asked. 
My face grew even more smug. Just before I could answer, Leslie came up beside me. She stretched her arm out to me, holding the money in her hand for me to grab as she hid behind the open front door. She made sure that Jake couldn't see her. "Thanks, Love," I said as I grabbed the money, but also grabbing her hand at the same time.
"Oh, and look who's delivering our pizza today. Come say hi," I said with the biggest grin on my face as I pulled her to my side so that she was now in Jake's view. She glared at me, wide-eyed at what I had just done.
She looked over nervously at Jake.
"Hey, Jake..." she said uncomfortably.
The look on his face was priceless. His smile instantly faded as his face turned pale.
"H-hey, Leslie," he said in disbelief. What made it even better was that I could tell he noticed that Leslie was wearing MY shirt. "I didn't know you lived here..."
"Yep, this is where I live..." Leslie said.
There was an awkward silence. 
"Well, um, I'll just go ahead and take that then," Leslie said as she grabbed the pizza from Jake. "It was nice seeing you," she said, even though I know she was thinking the opposite. 
"Baby, why don't you just go ahead and take it up to the bedroom. We're going to be up there all night any way," I said to Leslie. She glared back at me wide-eyed again, at the obvious reference I had just made in front of Jake. 
"Sure," she said curtly through gritted teeth.
I shot a quick glance at Jake and saw that his jaw was clenched tight. I thought maybe I could take it one step further...
"Okay, thanks babe," I said as I leaned in and kissed her on the lips right in front of Jake. I pulled away and smiled. She smiled back at me but I could just tell she was thinking "You're going to fucking get it when he leaves," just by the look in her eyes. I winked at her and she quickly headed back to her bedroom. I admired her figure as she walked upstairs. 

I looked back at Jake and I could tell he was livid. He glared at me and I gave him a smug look. I had won and he knew it. Leslie was with ME, and NOT HIM. She called ME her boyfriend, NOT HIM. She was upstairs waiting for ME to get into bed with her, NOT HIM. She was making love to ME at night, NOT HIM. I had won. He was nothing to her. That was it; this battle was over.
I handed him the money with a large grin on my face. 
"Keep the change," I said with a wink, shutting the door in his face.
I had won.

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