Friends With Benefits


5. Chapter 5

Let me back track a bit. Harry Styles is my best friend. We'd been best friends for a few years now. I honestly don't know how we became best friends really, seeing as he's the most popular guy in school, and I'm well...not. But somehow we did, and ended up becoming extremely close. We just clicked. 

He was always so cheeky and flirty with me. It's just how we acted together. We acted like boyfriend and girlfriend in a way.

I've even pretended to be his girlfriend before. 


One time a girl, who he did not like at all, kept bothering him. He saw me, and just looked at me with a "help me" and I swooped in. When I went up to him, I pecked him on the lips saying "hey, babe!"

There was a moment of shock, but then realization. He caught on quick.
"Hey, Love," he said with a smile, pulling me in close with a hand around my waist then turned to the girl saying, "Oh, I'm sorry, how rude of me. Pamela, this is my girlfriend Leslie."

The look on her face was priceless. "I have to go," she said, quickly leaving. I laughed and looked up at Harry as he still had his arm around me. When I looked at him, at that moment something changed in me.

That day was the first day I realized I was falling for Harry Styles.

I didn't think that kiss would be anything special to me. I was just kissing him to help him out. I did it without putting much thought into it. But when I kissed him, something clicked. It felt right. 

Of course I never told him this.

End Flashback.

Honestly, I was willing to put these feelings aside, because I did not want to lose him as a best friend. He was the person I told everything to, and vise versa. He may have gotten a little too detailed at times, but it was nice to know he wasn't afraid to tell me everything that happened in his life.

Maybe this is just a phase. I just need to forget these feelings.

He started playing his xbox and I just sat and watched. I enjoyed watching him play actually. I get into the game myself. If I didn't suck so bad at playing, I would be right there playing with him.

This was how we usually spent our times together. Just hanging out comfortably as he played video games or we watched a movie, or just sat around and chatted.

As he was playing, he got a text, and paused the game to see what it read.

"Hey, I got an invite to another party tonight, wanna go?" he asked after reading the text.

"Umm sure, but I need to get some clothes to change into." I kind of didn't want to drink again tonight, I just didn't feel up for it, but I figured I could still have a good time without getting drunk.

"Yeah, no problem," he said. "We can head over to your house and I can get ready over there."

"Okay, cool. And now it's daylight so I'll be able to see as I break into my own house," I laughed. I had forgotten my keys last night and my mum is out of town for a business trip so I couldn't go home, hence me staying at Harry's.

Harry got his things together that he'd need, and we headed out the door.

"Oh God, I feel like I'm taking the walk of shame!" I said to Harry as we walked to his car. I was still wearing his clothes as I held my dress and heels from last night in my hands.

"Hey what're you trying to say? That a night with me would be something to be ashamed of?" he asked jokingly.

"Pretty much," I said teasingly.

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