Friends With Benefits


47. Chapter 47

"Luke. That's what happened. He swooped in saying he wanted her back and she jumped for joy at the offer. She didn't think twice. I mean I should have known she still had feelings for him. She mentioned him all the time. Like 'Oh, Luke took me there once,' or 'Oh I remember one time when I was with Luke,'" I said, imitating Mary. "She chose him over me like it was the easiest decision of her life. I was becoming so close to her, opening up to her, letting her see the raw me, and then she just kicks me to the curb like that-like it was nothing. What the fuck? I almost wish she had lied to me and told me I was a screwed up mess- that I never listen, or she didn't want my kiss, or simply needed her distance. Anything other than telling me she was leaving me for him." Leslie nodded taking in everything I had to say and I continued. "It just made me feel like I'm not good enough for anyone, Les. I just can't catch a break. I don't know what's wrong with me. I just want to love and be loved, is that too much to ask? I feel like complete shit."
Leslie was quiet throughout my whole spiel, not interrupting, not judging; just listening. I liked that about her. That's what made her such a good friend. I was able to open up to her and tell her my whole sob story without holding back. And to think I just about ruined this friendship 5 minutes earlier. What was I thinking? I scoffed at the thought.
She finally spoke with a curious smile. "What's so funny?" I was beginning to calm down, now that I had said everything I'd been keeping bottled up for so long. "Ha, well...when I came over, I kind of had the intention of..." I chuckled to myself as I sniffed back the remainder of my tears, "Well I don't really know what I had the intention of doing, but let's just say I thought I fancied you for a bit, and I was going to make a move- or tell you- or something." She scrunched her eyebrows, giving me a bemused look. I laughed a little more. "Yeah, exactly," I said agreeing to her reaction. "I dunno what I was thinking. I honestly don't like you that way. That would have been weird wouldn't it? I mean, GROSS," I said, pretending to be disgusted. "I know, like EW," she said in a playful, mocking tone. I laughed a little and she joined in. Then we became serious again as she paused for a moment pondering what to say. "Zayn, you're the sweetest, kindest, most caring, good looking guy I know- aside from Harry of course," she said with a smile, "So don't let anyone ever make you think otherwise. It just wasn't meant to be. You may not be able to see it now, but she just wasn't right for you. The perfect girl will come along one day, I promise." I sunk my head low, letting her words sink in. She lifted up my chin. "How about I throw a little get together this weekend? Just you, me, the boys, and the girls, just the 8 of us. We can drink all our problems away!" she said with a giggle. I laughed lightly. "Sounds like a plan," I said with an appreciative smile. I was quiet for a moment, then looked back up at her. "Thanks Les, I really needed to get that off my chest and get my mind all sorted out. You're a really great friend," I said softly.
"No problem. I'm always here when you need me," she said, resting her hand on my knee comfortingly. I gave her an appreciative smirk. "Thanks, Les," I sighed. "Well I better get going soon, I don't want Harry to see me like this."
Harry P.O.V.
Zayn was a little too close to her for my comfort...but it was Zayn- that's how he always is- I shouldn't be worrying about anything going on between them. I'd worried once before during the camping trip and that got me into a load of mess. I was probably looking way too much into it. But what if I wasn't? What if there was something going on between them..Zayn wouldn't do that to me..would he? What about Leslie, would she? It's always been in the back of my mind like the devil's advocate, that she'd leave me for someone else like Zayn, and I hated it. I couldn't bear the thought of losing her. "Oh hey Harry that was fast!" she said as she sat up quickly. I saw her place a hand on Zayn's shoulder, slightly patting it as she got up, which didn't ease my apprehensive mind. She walked over to me smiling and gave me a peck on the lips. I saw Zayn slowly get up walking over to us, not really making direct eye contact. "Alright, babe well I better get going." Zayn said as I saw him place his hand on the small of her back. It's nothing. Stop over thinking it. "See ya, mate," he said to me as he walked passed us, heading out the door. "See ya," I said, confused by his abrupt departure. Why was he being suspicious? Why did he want to leave so soon? I shook my head subconsciously, trying to get rid of my suspicion. There's nothing going on here, you're being stupid. Leslie shut the door and turned to face me with a smile. I couldn't help but smile in return. "I have a little surprise for you!" I said enthusiastically. Her eyes lit up excitedly. "Really? What is it!?"

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