Friends With Benefits


45. Chapter 45

Harry P.O.V.
I heard the doorbell ring and slowly blinked my eyes open to see sunlight pouring into Leslie's bedroom. I stretched my arms out into the air, causing a baby dinosaur noise to escape my lips. There's nothing like a good, morning stretch. I rolled over to look at the time and saw that it was already noon. Oops. Turning back to face Leslie, I saw that she was still fast asleep; hair a perfect mess and her bed sheet slinking low and loosely around the curve of her back. I smiled to myself remembering last night and pulled up the sheet to cover her exposed body.
I heard the doorbell ring again and sighed. I reluctantly sat up and stepped out of the comfort of Leslie's bed, letting the sheet fall off of my body as I scanned the room for my boxers.
The bold white lettering of "Calvin Klein" caught my eye as I saw it peaking out from under her bed right next to her lacy Victoria Secrets. A smug smile etched across my face as I picked up my underwear, putting them on sluggishly, then finally heading downstairs to see who was at the door.
I opened the door in the midst of a yawn, squinting one eye as I ran my fingers through my hair.
"H-hey, Harry," Zayn said as he saw me standing in front of him. I don't think he had expected me to open the door. I saw him glance me up and down for a split second, noticing that I was only in my boxers- at Leslie's. I was sure he already figured out what had happened last night, as if the smile on my face wasn't enough evidence. I suppressed another smug look as I started to think about it again.
Zayn P.O.V.
"Hey, Zayn, what're you doing here?" Harry said very chipper and then confused, realizing at the end of his sentence that it wasn't his house, so what in fact WAS I doing here?
Well fuck. I wasn't expecting Harry to be here- although I should have known.
"Oh...uh, I- uh," I stammered as I looked back, trying to come up with an excuse. My roaming eyes spotted his parked car and a light bulb lit up inside my head. "Right. I, err saw your car here and thought I'd stop by and see what's up," I said finally; pleased by my answer. That made perfect sense, right? He'd believe that.
"Oh- yeah, come on in," he said invitingly. Phew.
I walked in a little apprehensively as Harry shut the door behind me.
"Zayn?" Leslie called out questioningly, squinting her eyes, arms folded as she walked down the stairs to see who was at her door; clearly just waking up. She was wearing one of Harry's shirts, which she most likely had just put on right now.
"Hey, babe."
"Well good morning, Love," Harry said with a cheeky grin as he met her at the bottom of the stairwell, pulling her in close and giving her a long, lingering kiss.
I pursed my lips as I stood there awkwardly. What was I doing? Why did I even come here?
She slowly opened her eyes after their kiss, and noticed me standing behind them; uncomfortable with their PDA. She blushed and giggled into Harry's chest.
"Maybe I should come back later," I said chuckling nervously and feeling out of place.
"No, Zayn don't worry about it- stay!" Leslie said in an apologetic manner, almost pleadingly.
"Are you hungry? I can make us all something to eat," she said sweetly.
I shrugged my shoulders and Harry answered before I could.
"Mmm, yeah, I'm starved. I worked up quite an appetite last night," he said to her with a wink.
She looked over at him, giving him a wide eyed look; blushing; embarrassed at his obvious reference in front of me to them having sex last night.
Harry snickered, biting his tongue as he dodged her playful hit against his shoulder. I followed them over to her kitchen where I sat on one of her stools against the kitchen island.
"I need to piss," Harry said still chuckling as he pinched her butt before leaving to the bathroom.
Wow. Seriously what was I thinking...what am I doing here?
"So what brings you here today, Zayn?" Leslie asked with her back towards me as she rummaged through her fridge.
"Well, if I'm being honest, I came to chill with you. I didn't realize Harry would be over, aha. Just wanted about life and such. We hadn't had one of our good talks in a while," I said truthfully with a chuckle, though I was leaving details out.
"Aww, yeah I know," she said looking over her shoulder with a smile. "I love our talks!"
She closed the refrigerator and was now attempting to find something in her cabinets. She got on her tiptoes as she reached for something up high and to the back that was out of her reach. My eyes trailed her body. I watched her as I saw the edges of her shirt lift up, revealing her toned, tanned body and the tiny dimples of her back.
Fuck. Stop. What am I doing? She's my best friend's girlfriend for crying out loud! The girl I basically got him together with; the girl he's in love with; the girl who's in love with him; the girl who...for the past few days...I haven't been able to stop thinking about.

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