Friends With Benefits


44. Chapter 44

Leslie P.O.V.
I opened my eyes and saw that it was still extremely dark out. I glanced over at the clock and saw that it was only 3 a.m. Great. This is what I get for going to sleep so early. I thought going to sleep early would help, seeing as these past couple of days had been such a whirlwind of events. Johnny was found guilty and was sentenced to a year in jail because this hadn't been his first offense. Ha, shocker. But thankfully it was all behind us now, and we could move on. I sighed and stared up at the ceiling. I knew I wasn't going back to sleep anytime soon. I decided I'd head downstairs and get a drink, and then get on my computer or something. I gently lifted Harry's arm from off top of me and crawled out from under him, heading down to the kitchen.
I heard a creak of the floorboards behind me and froze. In a matter of seconds, I could feel Harry's warm breath by my neck as he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind.
"Couldn't sleep huh?" he asked in a sexy voice. "Mhmm," was all I could say. He had me mesmerized. His scent was so intoxicating. "Well...I know of something we could do," he said as he swept my hair back, whispering into my ear so close that his lips brushed against it as he spoke. He pressed his mouth to my neck, kissing it gently. He started sucking on my neck, caressing it as he went up and down. I lolled my head to the side as he inched his lips higher and higher up my neck. He made his way to my jaw line and as soon as he reached it, I turned around to face him. I looked at him for a moment, taking in every perfect feature of his perfect face; from his luscious light red lips to his dazzling, green eyes. Then without giving him any warning, I smashed my lips to his eagerly. He leaned in to me closer as he hitched up my legs around him, picking me up and placing me on top of the kitchen counter. He pressed against me as I wrapped my legs around his waist even tighter. His lips made their way down lower to my collarbone as his hands slowly made their way for the bottom of my tank top. I raised my hands for him to take it off over my head. He took it off with ease and threw it onto the floor. He pressed his lips against mine again as I ran my fingers through his soft brown curls. I wanted him so bad. I put my hands on his chest and my cold hands to his warm skin sent chills down his body. I slid my hand down lower as I made my way under the fabric of his boxers. As soon as I reached my destination, I felt the edges of his lips turn up as he smiled through our kiss. I couldn't help but give him a cheeky smile in return. He reciprocated my actions by inching his hand down my bare stomach until finally reaching the fabric of my underwear. He slid his hand under it, causing a quick gasp to escape my lips at his touch. His smile grew even wider under my lips. He gently slid his tongue into my mouth as we both fought for domination. His soft tongue played against mine as our hands continued to do a little playing of their own.
"How about we take this back up to the bedroom, yeah?" he asked smoothly.
"Good idea," I said with a cheeky smile; my breathing ragged.
He wrapped my legs around him again and put my arms around his neck as he placed his lips onto mine. He lifted me up and without breaking away from my lips took me up to my room where he gently laid me onto the bed. He kissed his way down to my stomach and paused just below my belly button, looking up at me for approval. I nodded and his hands quickly made it to my shorts as he gently pulled them off. With his teeth, he grabbed the side of my underwear taking it off slowly letting out a playful growl. I giggled and he smiled as our eyes locked for just a moment. He kissed the inside of my thighs, teasing me. Then he went for it. I grabbed his curls tightly in my hands and he started chuckling, mischievously. He stopped before getting me too excited and made his way back up to my neck, caressing it with his lips. I tugged down his boxers letting him know I was ready. In a flash he reached over to his wallet on my bedside table and quickly pulled out a condom; ripping it open and placing it on. "Well that was fast," I said giggling. He licked his lips and smiled cheekily as he gave me a wink. In a matter of moments we connected. A loud gasp escaped my lips, causing a satisfied grin to form on his face. He felt amazing as he quickened his pace, forming a constant rhythm.
As soon as he finished, he collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily as he buried his face into my neck. I could feel his chest rising and falling on top of me as he slowly regained his breath. His curls tickled my face and I began to giggle again. He looked back up at me smiling curiously.
"What're giggling about now?" he asked playfully, still a little out of breath.
"Your curls tickle," I said smiling.
"I love you," he said chuckling as he then pecked me on the lips.
I smiled. "I love you too," I said giddily.

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