Friends With Benefits


42. Chapter 42

Harry's fists clenched at the sound of his name.
"I thought we were done with him," he said coldly, not necessarily directing his words to me, but merely saying his thoughts aloud. His breathing was heavy and his nostrils were flared as I saw the anger building up inside him more and more. He rubbed my back with his hand and then got up quickly heading over to the side of my bed. I sat there on the floor still trying to process everything that had happened. I looked up at Harry aimlessly as I saw him quickly put his white shirt back on and then his shoes. (He already had his sweatpants on.) I watched him then grab his keys that were lying on top of my dresser and within seconds he headed out my bedroom door. I finally realized what he was doing and let the shock of what had just happened disappear from my body. I quickly got up from off the floor and ran after him, dreading what I knew he was about to do.
"Harry where are you going?!" I yelled as I raced down the stairs to catch up to him. He opened my front door forcefully.
"I'm going to go beat the shit out of Johnny," he said as he headed out my front door. I raced outside behind him as I saw him angrily heading over to his car and getting in. I ran over to his car door just before he could close it and held on to it, forbidding him from closing it.
"Leslie, let go of the door," Harry said sternly as he had his hand on the handle, waiting to close it. His eyes were dark with anger.
"Harry don't do this, it's not worth it!" I pleaded as my eyes began to well up with tears.
"Leslie," he said, ignoring my comment, "Let. Go. Of. The. Door." His jaw was clenched tight as he repeated his words.
"We can just call the police, please Harry-" I mistakenly let go of his door in my attempt to plead for him to stay. He noticed my slip up and took advantage as he slammed the door. I stepped back as he started the engine and peeled out of my driveway in the direction of Johnny's house. I was crying even more now as I quickly went back inside, running upstairs to my bedroom to get my phone. When I grabbed my phone I scrolled hastily through my contacts, until finally landing on Liam's name. I pressed call as I desperately hoped he would be up at this hour.
"Hello?" I heard him say worriedly.
"Liam," I began to cry. "Can you please come get me? Harry is about to do something really bad and he just took off and I don't know what to do- we need to go after him before he gets himself arrested and-"
"Les, slow down! Don't worry I'm heading over right now, I'm at Danielle's, so I'll be there in two minutes!"
"Okay thank you," I said, barely understandable, as I couldn't control my tears. Thankfully Danielle lived literally down my street. I quickly put on my shoes and a jacket as I headed back downstairs and outside my front door. I didn't care that I was still in my pajamas. As soon as I locked the door, I looked back to see Liam pulling up into my driveway. I ran over to his car and got in.
"He went that way!" I said as we pulled out of my driveway.
"Love, what is going on?" Liam asked as he sped off in the directions I was telling him to drive.
"I figured out who broke into my house- it was my ex boyfriend. And Harry hates him so much and is so pissed right now- he's headed over there to beat the crap out of him," I said frantically.
"Your ex boyfriend broke into your house?" Liam asked shocked.
"Yeah-he's not a good guy Liam and I'm worried for Harry- I don't want anything bad to happen," I said worriedly. Liam was speeding at this point as we tried to make up for lost time.
"What do you mean he's not a good guy? Do I know him?" Liam asked.
I was careful with my words.
"I don't think you know him, I dated him before I met you...he's just...a bad guy, who's done bad things-" I stopped as I saw Harry's car in the distance.
"Liam there he is! We have to catch up to him before he gets to Johnny's!" I cringed at the sound of his name escaping my lips again. I hadn't spoken- or even thought of Johnny in so long, I couldn't believe this was happening. In just one night everything had changed so drastically.

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