Friends With Benefits


41. Chapter 41

My legs suddenly became weak as I sank down to the floor on to my knees. I began a mixture of hyperventilation and sobbing as I placed my hands against my chest in an attempt to calm my rapid breathing. I couldn't control myself as my emotions began to take over. The tears streamed down my face, and everything instantly became a blur.
I had been merely frightened when I had only thought of the robber to be some random person...but now, the fact that I knew whom it was personally, made me feel extremely terrified. What was I going to do? How could I ever feel safe? This person knew me.
I suddenly felt two strong arms wrap around me, holding me close, as I sat curled up on the floor. "Shh, it's okay my love. I'm right here, it's okay -whatever it is- it's going to be fine. I love you. Shh. Baby, everything's going to be alright I promise," Harry cooed in my ear as he rocked me back and forth in his arms on the carpet floor of my closet. He stroked my hair soothingly, moving it out of my tear-stricken face. I looked up at him and tried to speak but all that managed to come out were my quick intakes of breath and the sounds of my overwhelmed sobs. He held onto me tighter as I gave in to my emotions once more, burying my face into his chest and continuing to cry.
"Yeah we can go to the mall, that's fine. I need to go buy my mum her Christmas present anyway," I said as I went to get my purse from off my dresser. I opened it up and pulled out my wallet to check how much money I had, and noticed I didn't have nearly enough for a gift.
"Oh wait, l don't have enough money, hold on." I said as I went and grabbed my mini screwdriver from the drawer of my nightstand and headed over to my closet. I was given a weird look, but I paid no attention to it.
I opened the door and headed for the back of my closet where my secret stash of money was concealed. I placed my screwdriver to each screw as I quickly unscrewed the little air vent.
"What are you doing?" I heard from the entrance to my closet.
"Oh," I said chuckling. "Can you keep a secret?" I asked.
"Of course."
"This I where I keep my money. I figured out that this vent didn't work so I thought I'd put it to good use," I said shrugging my shoulders as I pulled out the tin box. I opened it up absent-mindedly, revealing my savings.
"Wow," was all I heard from beside me.
I took out enough money to buy my mum a present and placed the box back into the vent.
"No one would ever think to look in the air vent," I said with a laugh as I screwed the vent back into place.
"Haha well don't worry, your secret is safe with me. You can trust me."
*End Flashback*

I began to sniffle as I finally attempted to calm myself down. My lip continued to quiver as I looked up at Harry. His eyes were big with worry and confusion as he scanned my own, looking for an answer. He gently brushed his thumb against my cheek to wipe away the few tears that had started to trickle down my face again.
"Love, what's wrong?" he asked softly. I took a deep breath and swallowed the gigantic lump in my throat. He gently brushed my arm to soothe me even more. "My money..." I said, swallowing once more. I could tell I was regaining control of my emotions now. "What money? What do you mean?" he asked, still completely lost.
"It was stolen...all of it...from the robbery..." I began.
"But, Love, why are you so worked up over-" he interjected, confused.
"No, Harry," I interrupted, so that I could finish what I was saying. "I had my entire savings in that box-but that's not the problem...I hid it in a place where no intruder would have ever have even thought to look...they couldn't have found it by chance, Harry. I'm sure of it. They found it because they knew where to look...because they had seen me take my money out of my secret hiding place before...."
"So...are you saying you may possibly know who took your may possibly know who robbed your house?" Harry asked.
"It's not just a possibility, Harry. I know for a fact who it was. Only one person has ever seen where I keep my money hidden. It was a person that-at the time-I thought I could trust completely, with everything..." I trailed off.
I could practically hear his mind click with realization. He immediately stopped stroking my arm and I saw his face turn cold and stern. He clenched his jaw as his breathing became long, drawn out and heavy. I could tell he was trying to control his anger that was growing at a rapid rate. I knew he knew. And even though I knew he knew, I felt the need to say it out loud. I felt as though saying the name was now like if I were a wizard from Harry Potter saying, "Voldemort."
"He Who Must Not Be Named," sure did fit the person I was about to name to Harry. The name of a person I hadn't spoken of in a very long time. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. I opened my eyes and as soon as I let out the breath I was holding in, I let the words escape from my lips.
"...It was Johnny."

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