Friends With Benefits


40. Chapter 40

Leslie P.O.V.

I wrapped my towel around me and stepped out of the shower. I went over to the mirror and wiped away the steam so I could see my reflection. I stared into it for a moment before letting out a sigh. My mum had already left and it had hit me harder than I thought it would. She was gone, for I don't even know how long. I was going to miss her so much. But at least I wouldn't be alone. Harry would be here with me. Harry would be here with me, I echoed in my mind. A small smile formed across my face at the thought. I quickly changed into my pajamas and headed out of the bathroom. When I walked out, I saw Harry lying on my bed, waiting for me patiently.
He looked up and smiled that sweet smile of his. His eyes were low and I could tell he was exhausted.
"You didn't have to wait up for me babe, you could have gone to sleep. I wouldn't have minded," I said sweetly.
"I couldn't; even if I tried, Love. I need you by my side to fall asleep now," he said with a small chuckle. I smiled.
He picked up the covers, indicating me to come join him, as I crawled into bed next to him.
"Oh my god, my bed feels so comfortable," I said as I let out a happy sigh, snuggling into my sheets.
"I know! That camping trip was fun but it wore me out," he said with a laugh.
"It was definitely fun..." I said with a cheeky smile as I leaned in a kissed him softly on the lips. He placed his hand lightly on my waist as we continued to kiss. I pulled away slowly and snuggled into him closer as I placed my head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around me pulling me into him even more. We were silent for a moment. I lightly ran my fingers in circles against his bare chest.
"You know...we never finished what we started earlier..." I said looking up at him with a smile. To my surprise I saw Harry with his eyes closed, already fast asleep. I chuckled softly to myself. Wow. He wasn't kidding. He really did need me by his side to fall asleep. My heart smiled at how sweet he was. I kissed him softly on his chest and then placed my head against him once more, as I slowly nodded off to sleep.

What if it was a decoy?

My eyes shot open as the sudden thought occurred in my wandering, almost dream-state mind. What if someone had ransacked my house- stealing small, meaningless items- just to make it look like a random robbery- to cover up the fact that it was someone I actually knew- someone who knew where to look? My heart started to race as my breathing became uneven. I can't believe I had forgotten about my secret stash of money; Money only one other person knew of.
I unwrapped Harry's arms from around me and quickly got out of bed, heading over to my closet door. I could hear Harry start to stir in bed- as he began to realize my absence. I reluctantly placed my hand on the doorknob, not wanting to discover what- in the back of my mind, I already knew I would find.
"Baby is everything okay?" Harry asked groggily from my bed. I didn't answer as I slowly opened my closet door. I walked inside and went straight for the air vent at the back of my closet that was hidden behind a rack of my clothes; the air vent that hadn't worked a single day in the existence of this house; the one that no one would suspect would be concealing a small tin box of money I'd saved over the years; the one that, much to my dismay, was hanging off its hinges revealing nothing but a non-functioning air duct.
My heart dropped. I could feel the blood instantly drain from my face. My body became clammy with fear as I now for some reason felt ice cold. I must have been going into somewhat of a shock. My breathing became rapid as I placed my hand against my chest.

It was gone. My money was gone. All of it. Every last penny. It was stolen from the one place I thought would be safe from intruders. And I knew who had taken it.

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