Friends With Benefits


36. Chapter 36

Harry P.O.V.
I woke up with my arms wrapped around Leslie as if I were holding a teddy bear. My head rested in the crook of her neck to where my lips slightly brushed against her. It had become a regular thing now, for Leslie and I to sleep together, since we had spent literally every night with one another since the first night she stayed over at my house. I didn't just want her to sleep by my side anymore, but actually needed her to. I had come to the realization that as soon as she moved from beside me I would instantly wake up and not be able to sleep until she was in my arms again; or at least snuggled up next to me. Sleeping with her was so comfortable. She didn't move too much in her sleep, so we could lay perfectly intertwined all night. Her slow, even breaths as she slept, soothed me in my sleep. Feeling her gentle touch comforted me, and put me at ease. I tightened my grip around her and snuggled up to her even more. My lips still brushed her neck as I took every breath. I ran them up and down her neck, and then kissed it softly. I began to gently bite and suck on her neck. She began to stir and let out a soft moan, slowly waking up. I adjusted myself to where I was hovering over her body. My necklace swung from my neck, slightly brushing below her collarbone as I continued to caress her neck with my lips. After a moment I stopped and brought my face to linger over hers, waiting for a reaction. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled. "Why did you stop?" she said, dimples showing. "Oh, so now you're awake?" I teased, as she giggled under me. I plopped back down beside her, putting one arm around her as she sighed and nuzzled under it. I couldn't help but smile, knowing that I could please her so well. I knew her last boyfriend was nothing compared to me. I knew how she dreaded getting intimate with him; how shitty he was with her in bed; how shitty he was with her in general. My mind started to wander back to the night I was never supposed to speak of again.
"Harry, can you please come pick me up from Johnny's house?" I heard her voice crack through the phone. "Are you alright, Love?" I asked, worried, as I quickly got out of bed to put on some sweats. I glanced over at my clock and noticed it was 3 a.m. "Love?" I asked again as she still hadn't responded. I heard her sniffle. "Just please come get me," she said softly. I could tell she was crying. "I'm on my way," I said as I grabbed my keys and headed out the door.
I arrived at his house and expected to see Leslie sitting outside waiting for me, but she was nowhere in sight. I picked up my phone and dialed her number. The more it rang, the more I began to worry.

Before I could decide what to do next I saw both of them walk out his front door, in the middle of an argument. Leslie was distraught. They were going at it. I stepped out of my car and started walking over to them. I had parked across the street, so they hadn't noticed me yet.
"You stupid bitch!" I heard Johnny say as he slapped her across the face.
"Hey what the fuck!" I yelled as I ran over to Johnny. As soon as I got to him, I pushed him forcefully. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" I yelled.
"Stay out of this!" he yelled pushing me back, surprised to see me. "Like hell I will!" I yelled, pushing him again. I felt Leslie's arms grab me from behind. "Harry stop, let's just go," she said. I looked back at her and saw tears streaming down her face. That's not the only thing I saw. Her face had multiple bruises that couldn't have possibly come from the one slap I had just witnessed. I became furious. I turned back to face Johnny. "You son of a bitch!" I said as I swung my arm toward him. My fist came in contact with his face, causing him to stumble backward. He attempted to get up but I punched him again, knocking him to the ground once more. "If you ever fucking touch her again..." I began to yell. I was so angry, that I couldn't even come up with a threat good enough to explain how much pain I would cause him. I just left it at that, for his mind to wander. "Harry please," she cried. Johnny didn't attempt to fight back as he got up, massaging his jaw. "I don't need this shit," he said as he walked back toward his front door. "Just take the bitch home, Harry," he said. I lunged toward him, but Leslie held me back. "Harry, come on," Leslie pleaded as she pulled me toward the direction of my car. I did as she requested. She put her stuff in my back seat and went to sit in the front passenger seat. I got in my car, forcing my key into the ignition and sped off. We didn't speak for a while. I could hear her quick intakes of breath as she tried to cry silently in her seat. I pulled up to her house and cut the engine. I got out of the car and headed over to her side. I saw her wipe away her tears just before I opened her door. She stepped out silently as I shut the door behind her. She stood there awkwardly not knowing what to say or do.
"Love, come here," I said as I opened my arms and engulfed her in a massive hug. As soon as my arms wound around her tight, she broke down. She held on to me, as if she were holding on for her dear life. We stood there against my car for literally twenty minutes as I just hugged her tight; making sure she felt safe. I let her cry it all out, not saying one word as I pressed my cheek against the top of her head that was embedded in the crook of my neck. "Thank you," she whispered after a while, looking up at me, eyes glistening from her tears. "It's no problem, Love."
*End Flashback*
We had agreed that night that we would never bring it up again, and just put it all behind us. From that point on we had become closer than ever. She had always been my best friend, but ever since that night our friendship was taken to another level. We were always together, hanging out, having fun, going to parties, etc. It's funny to think that somewhere in the midst of it all I began to grow feelings for her without even realizing it until just recently. And now here I am, lying with her cuddled up next to me. She was my girlfriend now. Wow. I never would have imagined.
"What are you thinking about?" she asked, looking up at me curiously. "You," I said with a smile as I pecked her on the lips. She sat up and climbed on top of me, straddling me. "No need to think, when I'm right here," she said seductively, placing her hands just above my chest and leaning in close. "Someone woke up on the naughty side of the bed today," I said cheekily. She ran her tongue across my lips, teasing me. She leaned in and sucked on my bottom lip, pulling it slowly and seductively. She smiled back at me with lust in her eyes, until finally pressing her lips against mine. There was a sense of eagerness in the kiss. She slowly grinded her body against mine, in sync with every movement of her lips. I grabbed her by her ass and pressed her as close to my body as possible, as we delved deeper and deeper into our kiss.
"Are you decent?!" Louis yelled from outside the tent. We let out a sigh as she placed her forehead against my chin.
"Yes, Louis," I said, annoyed that he interrupted us. She looked up and I looked back into her eyes. "We'll finish this later," I said cheekily as I pecked her on the lips.
He walked in a second later. "What do you want, Lou?" I said as Leslie then rolled off top of me.
"Oh, sorry am I interrupting?" he asked sarcastically.
"Yes, leave us alone," I said bluntly. He ignored my comment.
"We have to get up and going already, there's a big storm coming so we want to head out before it catches up to us."

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