Friends With Benefits


34. Chapter 34

I was lost in my thoughts as I felt someone come up beside me. I looked up to see Harry standing there in only his boxers with a blanket wrapped around him, looking down at me, smiling. I smiled back as he sat down next to me. He wrapped the blanket over the both of us as I rested my head on his shoulder, cuddling up against him. We sat there for a moment in silence, not feeling the need to say a word. Our legs both hung over the edge of the dock as they brushed one another lightly. His hand rested on my leg as I linked my arm around his. We stared out across the lake at the water that rippled every so often from a breeze that passed through. This moment was perfect. I felt his head turn to me so I lifted my own to look up at him. His hand, that wasn't on my leg, lightly lifted my chin as he looked into my eyes longingly. He gently pressed his lips to mine, then lingered there for a moment, gazing into my eyes once more.
"Leslie, will you be my girlfriend?" he asked sweetly. I had forgotten that he had never officially asked me. I looked at him and smiled. "Hmm...let me think about it," I said teasingly looking up as I rubbed my chin, pondering his question. He chuckled softly and I looked into his eyes and smiled.
"Of course I will be your girlfriend," I said sweetly. He smiled and leaned in to kiss me; placing his hand on the side of my face. It was slow and gentle.
"Well look what we have here," I heard Louis yell from across the way. I broke from Harry's lips and sighed. I looked at Harry with a smile, shaking my head, and then turned to look at Louis.
"It's about damn time!" Louis said. I had forgotten he had speculated something was going on between us from the start. I blushed and looked down. "Oh shut it, Lou," Harry said as he helped me up and then intertwined his hand with mine as we walked over to the rest of the group. I smiled, realizing we could finally show our affection in public. Everyone was outside except for Zayn. Sleeping still, no doubt. Liam had a somewhat shocked expression on his face as we joined everyone.
"Harry, if you hurt will be on like Donkey Kong," Liam said trying to make it sound like a serious threat. It wasn't really working for him though, seeing as it was like getting a threat from a cute little puppy. I smiled appreciatively at Liam and he smiled back.
"I'm happy for you two," Niall said sincerely. "Thanks," I said sweetly.
"Yay! We have another couple in our group!" Danielle said giddily as her and Eleanor squealed with excitement. "More double dates! No...triple dates!" Eleanor said excitedly. Louis rolled his eyes.
"Oh stop it babe," Eleanor said to Louis, playfully hitting him on the shoulder.
"So what are the plans for today?" Louis asked, changing the subject.
"We could just chill here, you know, swim in the lake, make smores, drink; all that good stuff," Niall suggested.
"Sounds good to me," Liam said, as we all agreed. Everyone sat around the picnic table as they ate the breakfast I had made earlier. We took our time and ended up chatting for a good while. Before we knew it, it was already noon, and a good time to jump in the lake.
We all changed into our bathing suits and headed out to the water, a few of us with our tubes. We swam around for a bit, enjoying the day. After a while, all of us couples were being lovey-dovey with each other in our own little areas; spread out across the water. Niall was just floating around in his tube, soaking up the sun, drink in hand, like the carefree mofo that he is.
I saw Zayn finally come out of his tent, looking around to see where we were. I unhooked my arms that were around Harry's neck. "Zayn! We're out here come join us!" I yelled over Harry's shoulder.
"Not right now, I'm hungry again!" he yelled back.
"Same here!" Niall exclaimed as he shot up excitedly.
I chuckled and we all got out of the water to go and cook something to eat.
"Zayn it's about time you got up mate," Liam said.
"I can't help it. I just like to sleep all the time," Zayn said.
We decided on some more hotdogs and this time sat around the campfire to eat. We blasted the music and just enjoyed our time together; drinking, dancing, laughing and just having a good time.

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