Friends With Benefits


3. Chapter 3

The doorbell rang and Harry went over to see whom it was.

"Hey, babe!" I heard Louis say to Harry as he opened the door. Oh, Louis, always so cheeky.

"Come on in I'm making breakfast," Harry said.
"Ohh, yum! I'm starv-" he stopped as he saw me sitting at the counter.
He looked me up and down. 
"I didn't realize I was interrupting," he said with a smirk. "Had a good night, I assume?" Louis asked.

I looked at myself, realizing I was wearing Harry's clothes, and how it must look.
"It's not what it looks like!" I exclaimed, starting to blush, embarrassed.

"Oh, Love. You should have gone with it, we could have had him fooled for a bit, it would have been fun," Harry said to me with a frown.

I giggled.

"That still doesn't explain why she's wearing your clothes or why she's here so early in the morning." Louis said. "It seems it's exactly what it looks like!" Louis said with a grin.

"She spent the night last night. She needed a place to stay after the party." Harry explained. "She didn't have any clothes so I let her borrow mine."

"And where did she sleep?" Louis asked still smirking.

"Well with me of course."

"What?" Louis gasped. "I'm hurt, Styles. You've never let me sleep with you when I stay over. I see how it is!" Louis said jokingly.

"Oh, shut it," Harry said with a laugh.

"I still think you did the naughty!" Louis exclaimed.

I blushed. Harry noticed and smiled.
He walked over to me and put his arm around my shoulder.

"So what if we did? It'd be none of your business anyway," he said to Louis, then turning and winking at me.

My face must have been bright red now. I could feel it burn.

Harry chuckled and changed the subject.

"So Lou, want some breakfast?" Harry asked.
"I thought you'd never ask!" Louis exclaimed as he sat on the opposite side of the island.

Harry finished cooking the eggs and bacon and served us all with a glass of orange juice.

"You'd make a lovely housewife," Louis said jokingly.

Harry rolled his eyes and sat in the chair next to me. We ate our breakfast and chatted about random things. Harry finished first, putting his plate away in the sink. Louis had also finished now and him and Harry chatted as I still ate. Harry slouched back in his chair, relaxing, putting his arm along the top of my chair. We were quite close. His leg was slightly brushing against mine. 

I felt as if things were starting to change between Harry and me. That the feelings were becoming somewhat mutual. Ever since this morning, I felt as if he began to look at me in a different way than just a best friend. Although he wasn't doing much, I could just feel a difference in the way he was around me. Being closer, always slightly touching me in some way. Then again, I could be thinking too much into it. Either way, I quite enjoyed it. As these thoughts were processing in my head a small smile appeared on my face.

"What are you smiling about?" Louis said, startling me.

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