Friends With Benefits


29. Chapter 29

We packed everything we'd need for the hike and set off up the trail.

"Liam look! A turtle!" I said excitedly after we had been walking for a while. He turned around and his eyes lit up. "Come here, take a picture with it!" I said. I knew more than anyone how much Liam loved turtles. Everyone else laughed and kept walking, but I stayed with Liam as he made different poses for the camera with our newfound friend. I got in a few of the shots with him too as we made funny faces, laughing all the while. I missed spending time with Liam. I hadn't really talked with him much since everything with Harry started happening. And then Zayn and I had gotten close, which made Liam and I grow even more apart. I made a mental note to spend some more quality time with him as we both headed back to the trail to catch up to the group.

About an hour later, Danielle and Eleanor ended up on Liam and Louis' back, being too tired to walk.
Harry looked over at me.
"Do you want me to carry you on my back, Love?" he asked sweetly. I honestly was perfectly fine walking but I couldn't resist being close to Harry. "Sure," I said. He stopped walking and bent down for me to be able to climb on top of him. He stood up, grabbing my legs around his waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he looked back at me. "Better?" he asked with a smile. "Mhmm," I said smiling. I placed my head so it was right next to his as I rested it on my arms.
We were at the back of the group, which I liked because we could get away with our flirting without being noticed.
I kissed his jaw line teasingly. He turned his head to me and gently pulled my bottom lip with his teeth seductively. When he released his lips from mine he gave me a cheeky smile.
"Stop giving me that look," I whispered to him, trying to fight a smile. "What look?" he said as he bit his bottom lip and gave me what I can only think to describe as sex eyes. It drove me crazy and he knew it. "Stop being cheeky," I said to him still smiling and slightly blushing for some reason. He licked his lips and softly chuckled. "I don't know what you're talking about," he said with a cheeky smile as he turned his head to look forward. Oh, he knew. I brushed my lips along the side of his neck and gently nibbled on his ear as he tilted his head in pleasure. "Two can play at that game, you know," I whispered in my most seductive voice. He side glanced at me and smirked, trying to hold back a big grin.
"We've made it!" Louis yelled as we approached the site. It startled both Harry and me as we were brought back to reality from our own little world we were in.
I looked up to see where we had arrived. It was absolutely perfect. Hidden between trees and rocks was a body of water with a waterfall.
Harry put me down as all of us stared in awe at the scenery.

"Cannon ball!" Louis yelled, interrupting the moment as he ran and jumped into the water. We all shook our heads and laughed. Everyone started stripping down to their bathing suits to get into the water.
I stood at the edge of a rock, debating when to get in. I had tested the water and it was a bit cold so I was reluctant to jump in right away. I had glanced back just in time to see Zayn running towards my direction. I figured he was going to just jump in, but to my surprise he grabbed me along the way taking me in with him. I squealed as we went flying through the air, plunging in to the cold water. As we emerged from the water I instantly splashed water into Zayn's direction.
"Ugh! Zayn! Oh my god!" I yelled. He was hysterically laughing. "I told you I'd get you back!" he said still laughing.
All of a sudden his eyes widened as he looked down at me. He came towards me and wrapped his arms around my neck, as he got a little too close. I was so confused. "Zayn what are you doing?" I asked, giving him a weird look. "Don't hate me, Les...but it seems as if that plunge we took might have been too much for your bathing suit top to handle."
"What? I am so conf-" I stopped mid sentence, realization kicking in as I looked down to see that my bathing suit top had come undone, exposing my breasts. I then realized Zayn was trying to cover me up so nobody else would see. And by nobody that meant Louis. I knew he would make a joke out of it and embarrass me in front of everyone.
"Oh my god," I said wide-eyed.
"Babe, just act natural," he said as he casually picked up the strings to tie them around my neck. To everyone else it probably looked like he was hugging me or something because he was blocking me from everyone's view. I put my forehead to his chest as I felt my cheeks turn bright red. I sighed.
"This WOULD happen to me," I said embarrassed. He chuckled as he finished knotting my bathing suit around my neck as to prevent any incidents from happening again.

Harry P.O.V.

What the fuck is going on between Leslie and Zayn?

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