Friends With Benefits


28. Chapter 28

Leslie P.O.V.
I decided I would go and see if Zayn was still asleep. I walked over to his tent and peeked in. I saw him lying on his stomach, texting. Phew. I'm glad he's awake. Lord knows all hell would break loose if I had woken him up from his sleep.
"Hey, Zayn," I said walking into his tent. I plopped down beside him, lying down on my stomach with my feet crossed in the air.
"Hey, babe how's it going?"
"Good. Just got up really, thanks to Louis," I said, making a face. He chuckled.
"So anything yet with Harry?" he asked. "Nope, he still hasn't said anything," I said with a smirk. "But I'm just letting him tell me when he's ready, I don't want to push it."
"Yeah, that's probably best. When he's ready, he'll tell you how he really feels," he said reassuringly.
"So how about you? Anything new with Mary?" I asked. Mary was a girl that had caught Zayn's eye recently. Since we had become closer, he had started letting me in on his personal life more, and telling me things in confidence. He actually appreciated my advice too, which was nice. (And yes I know he's dating Perrie, but they haven't been together publicly enough for me to know how they act together in a relationship, which makes it difficult to write, so I decided to go with a different person all together for Zayn as per request of a shot from one of my subscribers :))
"I'm texting her right now actually, but I don't know what to reply," he said pursing his lips.
"Hmm, let me have a go at it. What did she say?"
"She was telling me about her favorite movie, but I don't want to keep asking her questions cause I feel like I'd be just bombarding her with them," he said. I thought about this for a second.
"Well how about you say something like, 'Oh, we should watch it together sometime, I'd love to see it with you,' or something like that, you know?" His eyes lit up. "Brilliant," he said simply as he texted her back. I smiled. I always thought he was so good at this sort of thing, but it turns out that he isn't a player like I thought he was. He isn't forward with girls at all. He gets shy and nervous talking to someone he likes. It's actually quite sweet.
"She texted back!" he said nervously. A smile then formed on his face as he read the text aloud. "I'd love to watch it with you! How about next weekend?" he read.
"Les, you're brilliant," he said giving me a peck on the cheek.
"Hey, what can I say?" I said jokingly as I brushed imaginary dirt off my shoulders. He laughed.
"Okay, come on," I said. "Let's go eat!" I said, ruffling his hair as I got up. I knew I was going to get it for doing that to his precious hair. I ran out the tent and he chased after me. "You did not just do that!" he said half yelling, half laughing. I squealed as I ran towards Harry, using him as my shield. He sprung into defense mode.
"I have a spatula and I'm not afraid to use it," Harry said with a laugh to Zayn as he protected me from him.
I placed my hands on Harry's back and peeked over his shoulder. I saw Zayn a little out of breath and laughing. I stuck my tongue out at him and he made a face at me as he ran his hands through his hair to fix it and then went to go sit with the others at the picnic table. "Yeah, that's right! That's what I thought!" I said to him teasingly. As he sat down he yelled over to me, "you're gonna get it, just you wait, Les!" I giggled and then went to Harry's side as he continued cooking.
"You were so brave just now," I said teasingly, as I grabbed on to the muscles of his arm.
"What can I say? I'm your knight in shining armor," he said with a chuckle. I giggled.
"Well how ever can I repay you, Sir Knight?" I whispered to him seductively. He looked over at me and a cheeky grin started forming on his face. "Oh, I'm sure you'll think of something," he said. "I do have something in mind," I whispered into his ear as I slid my hand down his chest and down toward his boxers. He bit down on his bottom lip and smiled. I glanced back at the picnic table that was a good distance away and was glad to see that nobody was paying attention to us. "Tonight," I whispered into his ear as I patted him gently over his boxers. A huge smile appeared on his face. I gave him a wink and smiled.
I headed over to Harry's car to get a bathing suit and clothes to change into for today's events. I went and changed in the tent, and as soon as I got dressed and came out, Harry had finished making everyone's breakfast. "Mmm, looks good," Niall said rubbing his hands together as I sat down. Everyone agreed and dug in. It was an amazing breakfast to start off to what hopefully would be an amazing day

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