Friends With Benefits


27. Chapter 27

I woke up to Louis screaming, "Rise and shine, sunshines!" as he ducked into our tent.
Leslie groaned into my chest and then looked up at me. We were still extremely close as I had my arms wrapped around her. She had her hands placed on my chest while we were curled up under the covers. "Come on! Time to get up!" Louis yelled. "Okay, Louis geez," she said groggily. I saw her eyes widen as she looked under the covers realizing she was still only in her bra. Louis was just about to pull the covers off of us to get us to get out of bed when Leslie held on to them tight. "Louis, no!" she yelled. He gave her a weird look.
"Erm...I'm cold!" she said unconvincingly. His eyes narrowed. "Mhmm...sure," he said sassily with a smirk, looking at me and then back at Leslie.I threw a pillow at him. "We're up okay! We'll be out in a bit," I said so he could leave. "Whatever you say," he said with a cheeky smile, walking out of the tent. "Oh my god," Leslie said blushing as she buried her face in my chest, embarrassed. I chuckled. "It's alright, Love, I doubt he'll say anything," I said. She sighed and pulled the covers off, slowly getting up. I stayed laying down putting my hands behind my head, looking her up and down with a cheeky smile. She was just in her bra and still in her jean shorts from last night. They were still unbuttoned so you could see the top of her underwear peeking out. She noticed I was looking at her and blushed. She threw the pillow I had just thrown at Louis, back at me. "Stop!" she smiled, still blushing. "Where's my shirt?" I grabbed the pillow off of me and placed it beside me, chuckling. I saw her shirt lying on the floor next to me. Her eyes followed my gaze and at the exact same moment we both went for it. I caught a hold of it first, just as she jumped on top of me. We play-wrestled for a bit as she tried to take the shirt from my hand. We were rolling around on the blankets and she almost had me beat, until I had an idea. With my free hand I tickled her side and her hands instantly shot from me to her waist. She squealed with laughter. I started laughing as well, knowing I'd found her weakness. Just then her hands were at my sides as she began to tickle me as well. I shot back. "You're ticklish!?" she asked surprised. A mischievous grin formed on her face. She rolled me over to where she was on top, straddling me, as she continued to tickle me. "O -okay-st-stop!" I said between laughs. "What's the magic word?" she said with a smile, still tickling me, a little out of breath. "P-please!" I managed to say. She finally stopped and stayed on top of me for a moment as we were breathing heavily, looking into each other's eyes and still slightly laughing. Her hair was brushing my face as she hovered over me. She looked down at my lips and then back into my eyes, as if debating whether to kiss me or not. I didn't move. I wanted to see if she would go for it. Usually I was the one that went for it.
A couple of seconds passed, until she finally leaned in. Her lips brushed mine, teasing me. She lingered there for a moment with her lips practically against mine, but not quite. She looked into my eyes and smiled. I smiled back and then finally her lips pressed against mine. It was soft and sweet. I slowly slid my hands down her bare back and into the back pockets of her shorts. After a moment, she pulled back slowly and then buried her face into my neck. "We have to get out there already," she said almost in a whisper. I sighed and pulled my hands out of her pockets, but still leaving them on her waist. "I wish we didn't have to. I'd rather just stay here all day," I said. She brought her head back up and looked at me again. I snuck in one last quick kiss and then sat up picking her up off top of me. She giggled and then grabbed her shirt to put it on. We left our bag of clothes in my car, so we got out of the tent so we could go over and get them to get changed.
"Well look who's finally up!" Niall said as we walked out.
"Sorry!" Leslie said. "It's alright, I'm just teasing. You guys aren't the last ones to get up anyway. Zayn's still sleepin'," Niall said. Before we went to get changed we sat with the others at a picnic table that the campsite had for us. "So what's the plan for today?" I asked. "Well we were thinking of going for a hike up to a place where there's a waterfall and everything," Eleanor said. "I was looking at the map and it's a good distance from here, but nothing too far, and there seems to be a trail that leads up to it from here, so it should be easy to get there!" Liam said. "Sounds good to me," I said. "I don't know about y'all but I'm hungry," Danielle said. "Yes! Food!" Niall exclaimed. "Harry, how about you put your cooking skills to good use and make us some breakfast?" Louis asked. "Alright," I said. "Good thing I'm here, or else you guys would starve!"
"It's the only reason we invited you," Louis said jokingly. I gave him a look and we all laughed.

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