Friends With Benefits


26. Chapter 26

Harry P.O.V.
My lips found hers and I kissed them softly. I had been waiting to have her lips against mine again ever since we had to break away from our moment on my car. After a moment, I maneuvered myself so that I was on top of her but not pressed against her, and kissed her more deeply. My necklace swung from my neck, brushing her skin lightly. I felt her hand slowly slide down my chest as she made her way down to my boxers. Her touch sent chills through my body. I grabbed her hand and brought it back up over her head. I grabbed her other hand and put it above her head as well as I held them down by her wrists. It was my turn to please her this time. I gently slid my tongue in her mouth and she gladly accepted. I brushed my tongue along her lips and then tugged at her bottom lip gently with my teeth. After about a minute or so I made my way to her jaw line, kissing it softly. I went down to her neck as I caressed it with my lips, gently sucking and biting as I continued my way down. I released her hands and slid mine up her shirt, indicating I wanted to take it off. She understood and arched her back as she raised her arms, allowing me to take it off. I slowly slid it off and pulled it over her head. I patted her hands, telling her to keep them over her head. My lips brushed against her collarbone and made their way down to her breasts. I lightly kissed them above her bra and continued my way down. I continued to kiss her as my lips and tongue lightly brushed her entire stomach, making my way down lower. I was now below her belly button as I kissed it more intimately. Teasing her. My hands made their way to the button of her shorts and I slowly undid them, giving her the opportunity to object. She didn't so I continued. I grabbed her waist with my hands as I caressed her body, then finally pulling at the sides of her shorts. She moved her body to make it easier for me as I slid them down. I kissed her hipbones and then slowly slid down her underwear. I slid my hands up and down the sides of her thighs as I then gently parted her legs. I kissed her inner thighs, teasing her even more, until finally I went for it. I pressed my mouth against her, exploring her, testing to see what pleased her. Her hands made their way into my hair as she grabbed tightly at my curls every time I did something pleasing. I found a certain spot that she seemed to enjoy very much so I stayed there for a moment as I felt her body tremble with pleasure. I could hear how her breathing was uneven. A small gasp escaped her lips. I looked up at her and saw that she was biting her bottom lip hard, to prevent herself from making any loud noises. I smiled; pleased with myself for making her feel this way. I thought I could maybe go a step further. I moved my hand down and gently stroked her with my fingers, until I finally inserted them. This drove her wild. Her legs relaxed and her back arched as she once again pulled tightly at my curls. 
We heard a sound and we both froze. I slid her underwear back on just in case and sat up to listen more intently. I heard a girl giggle. Eleanor maybe? My eyes widened, but as I paid more attention, it sounded like she was in a distance with Louis. They were doing something mischievous, no doubt. I'm sure they had no idea we were up to something in our tent, or could even hear us over the rain. I went back to Leslie, kissing her lips gently, and then laying down beside her. I let out a sigh, and then smiled. She giggled into my neck, placing her hands on my bare chest. 
"That was close," she said. "But it was worth it." I wrapped my arm around her. She was still just in her bra, and I enjoyed the fact that she didn't bother to put her shirt back on. Her soft, bare skin was pressed against mine, and it made me smile. I felt so comfortable lying here with her. I started playing with her hair and began to draw pictures on her again. 
After a while of laying together, she soon enough fell asleep. 

Halfway through the night I woke up. It was colder than I thought it would be out here and I could feel that she was shivering slightly. I moved in closer to her, wrapping my arms around her tightly, so that she could warm up. She was still fast asleep. I could feel her breath on my chest as she slept. I started running my fingers down the side of her exposed body. She was so perfect. I felt her goose bumps. I wrapped my blanket around her and I, as I curled up with her in a cocoon. Her lips were slightly brushing my chest, that's how close I was to her. I felt her stop shivering after a while which made me smile. It's the little things. I love making her feel safe, protecting her, being there, even when she didn't realize I was doing it. My feelings were growing so much stronger. I needed to tell her how I really felt. Soon. I kissed her on her forehead and drifted off to sleep with her in my arms.

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