Friends With Benefits


25. Chapter 25

Leslie P.O.V.
We put up all of our tents and set up everything we'd need to enjoy our camping trip. We got the fire going, and moved some rocks around it so we could sit in a circle around the fire. We decided to make hot dogs since it was a simple, but effective way to cure our hunger. We had taken off pretty late in the day to get here, so it was already dark out as we ate.
"How about some alcohol?" Louis said with excitement as he pulled out some bottles. "Woo!" we all said in unison. We started drinking, laughing and just having a good time.
"Truth or dare anyone?" Louis suggested. We were all for it.
"Okay, Eleanor. Truth or dare?" Harry asked.
"Aw taking the easy way out! Okay, well hmm. Honestly, how big is it?" Harry said referring to Louis as he started to separate his hands wider and wider. "Just say when." Eleanor started blushing.
"Like you don't already know!" she said teasingly. We all laughed at the reference to Harry and Louis' bromance.
"Still have to answer the question!" Harry said teasingly.
"Oh my god, okay stop!" she said with a laugh. This game turned dirty quick.
"Don't worry, Love," I'll get him back for that," I heard Louis tell Eleanor. It was now her turn.

"Danielle, truth or dare?" Eleanor asked. "Dare!" she said with a grin.
"Okay, I dare you to give Liam a lap dance!" Eleanor said. Liam's eyes widened.
"Okay," Danielle said simply, with a smile. She wasn't one to back down from a dare. She started dancing against Liam's lap as we all cheered and whooped, while Louis started making background music you'd hear at a club. You could tell Liam was embarrassed, but was enjoying it at the same time. Danielle went all for it, drink in one hand raised in the air, and her other on Liam's shoulder as she moved her hips against him. We all had a laugh as she went and sat back down. Now it was her turn to choose.
"Okay, Niall. Truth or dare?" she asked. "Dare," he said.
"I dare you to put on girls underwear, and we get to take a picture and post it to Facebook!" Danielle said.
"Brilliant!" Harry said. We all laughed at the genius dare.
"Fuck...alright," Niall said. "Anyone got a thong I could borrow?" Niall said with a laugh.
"Louis, can he borrow yours?" Harry asked jokingly. We all laughed. Danielle went and got a pair of underwear and made Niall put them on. "Okay, say cheese!" Danielle said as she took a picture with her phone. Niall made a funny pose with one hand on his hip and the other in the air, puckering his lips. We were all dying of laughter. "It's been posted!" Danielle said, pleased with her dare.
"Alright. Leslie, truth or dare?" Niall asked.
"Truth," I said.
"Have you ever had sex in a car?"
"N....No," I said as I had to pause and think about the question. I remembered Harry but that didn't count as sex.
"Why the hesitation?" Louis said with a smirk.
"I just had to think about it is all, but I've never had sex in a car!" I said with confidence. "Oh, but you've done other things then? Like given a..." he started saying with a smirk. I started to blush. Harry cut in. "You can only ask one question and it was for Niall to ask anyway," Harry said to Louis, giving him a look. He smiled cheekily at Harry.
"Okay, Zayn!" I said quickly, trying to switch the topic. "Truth or dare?"
Just as I was about to ask him a question, a roar of thunder echoed across the campsite. Before we could even comprehend anything, rain started to fall from the sky at a rapid rate.
"Take cover!" Louis yelled as we all ran for our tents. Harry grabbed me by the hand and pulled me along with him as we ducked into our tent, zipping it up behind us. I plopped onto the bed/pile of blankets we had set up.
"Well I guess everyone's calling it a night," Harry said with a laugh as he started to take off his shirt and jeans. I loved how he slept only in his boxers.
"I guess so," I said with a laugh as he plopped down beside me. A moment passed.
"Which means we're finally alone," he said as he looked over to me. "Yep," I said almost in a whisper.We paused in this moment, gazing into each other's eyes. His eyes looked down at my lips and he leaned in.

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