Friends With Benefits


24. Chapter 24

A few days later...
"Okay, is this everything?" Harry asked putting the last of my things in his trunk. We were driving out to the lake for a camping trip with the boys and their girlfriends. "Yup," I said. I was really excited about this trip because it meant spending more time with Harry. I was hoping over the next few days he would finally tell me how he really felt.
We got into his car and headed off to the campsite where we'd meet up with everyone else who was driving in two separate cars. It was going to be about a 3-hour drive.
We listened to the radio and chatted about random things, enjoying the ride. About half way through, the song "Call me maybe" came on and he turned it up, full blast. "Oh god, what're you doing?" I asked laughing.
He started singing at the top of his lungs along with every word. I was dying of laughter. He was so cute. Every time he sang, "call me maybe" he made a phone with his hand that wasn't on the steering wheel, and gave me a wink. The song ended and I was still slightly laughing. I had my feet up on the dash, and he had his arm around my seat. The windows were down and the music was loud. It was a perfect drive.

I got hungry so I reached to the back seat to look through the bag of snacks we brought for the road. As I was rummaging through them, I noticed Harry was staring at my backside. "Stop looking at my ass!" I said jokingly.
"What ass?" he said teasingly. "Oh, you did not just go there! Alright, I see how it is," I said chuckling. "Just for that, you don't get any snacks," I said as I got back in my seat, sticking out my tongue at him.
He pretended to have a shocked, hurt look on his face, but couldn't hold it and started to laugh.
"Oh come on, Love, please? I'm starving!" he said glancing over to me with his gorgeous smile, trying to win me over. It worked. How could I resist him?

We were the first ones to arrive at the campsite. It looked so calm and beautiful. As I was admiring the scenery, Harry came up in front of me blocking my view.
"Hey," I said with a fake frown as he interrupted my gaze. I wasn't complaining though. Harry was just as breathtaking as the view, if not better. He smiled and lifted me up onto the trunk of his car and leaned his body against me. He looked me in the eyes and then down at my lips as he smiled. He grabbed my legs to wrap around his waist, pulling me in tight, then leaning in to kiss me. (Kind of like this :P

I was smiling while we kissed, which he noticed, which made him smile too as he slowly pulled away. He still had his face just inches from mine.

"What was that for?" I asked with a smile.
"Oh, uhh, I thought I saw Pamela," he said.
"Way out here in the middle of no where?" I said with a laugh. He shrugged.
"Oops," he said cheekily with a wink. I was enjoying this so much more now that I knew he liked me back. I didn't want to let him know that I knew though. I wanted him to tell me how he felt on his own time, when he was ready. So as of right now, I played along with the little "friends with benefits" thing we had going on.

I heard a car coming down the road so I pulled back to see who it was. I so wished I could have continued kissing him but I knew we couldn't be seen.
Two cars pulled up and I saw that it was Louis and Eleanor in one and the rest of the boys and Danielle in another.
I got off of the trunk and started making my way over to them as they drove up. Louis kept honking to let us know he was there even though he knew we could clearly see him. We started laughing and went over to greet them.
"How did you possibly survive a three hour car ride with Louis, El?" I asked Eleanor teasingly as she got out of the car. "Who knows!" she said jokingly. Louis made a face and she kissed him on the cheek. "I'm just teasing babe." They were so cute.

I walked up to Liam's car. "Hey Liam, hey Danielle!" I said as they got out of the car.
"Hey Les!" they said in unison as they looked at one another and smiled at their little shared moment. They were adorable. Then I saw Zayn was getting out. "Zayn!" I said as I went over to him and gave him a big hug. "Hey, babe," he said sweetly. Ever since the day at the store, we had gotten a whole lot closer for some reason. Every time Harry brought me along to hang out with him and the boys, I would go and sit with Zayn and chat. He was actually a really great listener, and even started opening up to me a bit more about his own personal life.
I saw Niall as he walked around to the trunk. "Hey Niall!" I said as we fist bumped and made a little sound effect to go with it. We laughed at our awesomeness.

I love how we all get on so well. I could already tell, this camping trip was going to be great. I couldn't wait to spend the next few days here with all my wonderful friends.

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