Friends With Benefits


22. Chapter 22

Harry P.O.V.

Her eyes looked up at me a bit nervously as she started twiddling her thumbs.
"Well those fortune cookies were very..." I started to say, trying to think of the words. "...interesting," I finally said.
Just then, the doorbell rang again and she jumped a little bit. She still must not feel safe. I needed to figure out how to make her feel safe again. I went to go see who it was who interrupted us and saw Louis standing at the door. Of course. He walked in before I even invited him to.
"What the fuck was that on the phone earlier? It sounded like you were getting a-" he stopped as he saw my eyes widen and my head slightly shake telling him to stop talking. He looked over to the couch and saw Leslie sitting there twiddling her thumbs.
"Hey, Lou," she said. I could see what little was left of the pink from her cheeks fading away. She must've been blushing.
"Hey, babe," Louis said to Leslie then glancing back at me giving me a raised eyebrow and then a cheeky smile. He didn't say anything more about it though, which I was glad. I didn't want to ruin what Leslie and I had going on...whatever the fuck was going on between us. I just wish I could tell her already how I really feel. I came back to reality.
"What are you doing here, anyway?" I asked.
"Came to talk about the camping trip!" Louis said as he sat at the island in my kitchen. Leslie walked over with us and sat next to me. Instinctively, I rested my hand on her thigh.
"You're coming too, right Les?" Louis asked Leslie.
"Yeah, definitely. It would be a great way to get my mind off things."
"Why what's going on?" Louis asked, genuinely concerned. We told him about what happened and then changed the subject so Leslie wouldn't think about it anymore.

"So it's going to be the eight of us then, and we're thinking about going this weekend," Louis said. "But we haven't got any camping equipment so in a bit we're gonna go meet Liam at his house and then from there, all head over to Cabela's to get some equipment," Louis said. Liam had a SUV with a spacious trunk, which was perfect for all of the things we would need to buy today and take back home.
"Sounds good to me," I said. We chatted for a bit and then decided to get going.

Leslie P.O.V.
We headed over to Liam's so we could use his vehicle and when we got there I saw that Niall and Zayn were there already. I felt kind of awkward being the only girl around all of the boys, and they made sure to tease me every chance they got. They kept play flirting with me trying to make me blush.

"Wait, how are we all gonna fit?" I asked as Niall and Liam got into the front seats and I realized it only left three seats left in the back for the four of us.
"You can sit on my lap," Louis said cheekily. "Or mine," Zayn said with a wink. I blushed. Again. I blushed so easily at everything. Ugh.

"Don't pay attention to them Love you can sit on my lap," Harry said sincerely. Louis and Zayn chuckled and then got into the backseat. I noticed Louis give Harry a smug look and Harry smiled. What was that about?
We piled into the backseat; Zayn first, then Louis and then Harry and I. I sat on Harry's lap, leaning against him at an angle, but also against the window so that we could sit properly. He casually put his arm around my waist to where his hand laid comfortably on my stomach. It just felt so perfect. If I could stay in this position forever I would.

"So how are things with Jake?" Louis said bluntly. I felt Harry tense up slightly.
"Oh god. That's definitely not going to happen," I said.
"Good. We didn't like him, he didn't fit very well with our crew," Zayn said.
"Yeah if he doesn't get on well with us, he can't date you," Niall said from the front passenger seat.
"Yeah, he was the most annoying guy ever Les," Liam said. The boys agreed. Liam was the sweetest guy ever, so the fact that even he didn't like him was a red flag.
"Wow, I didn't know you guys felt so strongly about him," I said with a laugh.
"So I guess the best thing to do is just date one of us since we all get on really well already. Like Harry perhaps?" Louis said.
Wow, Louis. Way to make things awkward. He had a smug smile on his face, pleased with the awkward situation he just caused.
"We're here!" Liam said. Just in time.

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