Friends With Benefits


21. Chapter 21

I helped her pack and tidy up her room from what the robber had left of it. I could still see tears in her eyes as she got her things together. This had scared her so much. I wish I knew how to make her more at ease. When she was done, I grabbed her bag and walked with her downstairs as we headed to my car. She brought her stuffed penguin along as well. We loaded everything up and were on our way. I rested my hand on her knee as I drove and gently rubbed it for comfort.
"They were in my house, in my room..." she said softly, tearing up again. "What if you hadn't come over last night, what would I have been doing? Would I have been at home? I would have been home alone. Who knows what could have happened to me then," she said breathing uneasily.
"It's okay, Love," I said. "All that matters is that you weren't there when they were, and you're here safe with me," I told her as I reached for her hand and squeezed it tight.

We got to my house and settled in. We still hadn't eaten so I called in for some Chinese. I didn't want to make anything because that would mean I'd leave Leslie's side for long periods of time and I didn't think that was a good idea right now. I went and sat with her on my couch as we chose a movie to watch on Netflix. I had my back pressed against the back cushion as I lied across the couch. Leslie was lying in front of me with her back pressed against my chest, and her head right under my chin. I had my arm around her waist as I held her close to me to make her feel safe. This break-in had really traumatized her. Leslie was the type of person who thought about the "what ifs" and usually it was the worst possible scenarios she could think of. I chose the happiest looking movie I could find that way there was no chance to get her worked up even more. I wasn't really paying attention to the movie. I was mostly watching her. I gently brushed my fingers back and forth across the small amount of exposed skin on her waist where my hand was laying from my arm being wrapped around her. I was drawing tiny pictures with my fingers.
"Harry are you drawing a penis," she said with a small laugh. It was nice to hear her laughing. I chuckled. "No, I'm drawing a penguin!" I said. She giggled.
"I didn't realize you were paying attention," I said honestly. "Draw some more and I'll guess what it is," she said sweetly.
We did this for a while as we laughed at how badly she guessed what I was drawing. The doorbell rang and she flinched as it slightly scared her. I rubbed her arm and got up to go answer the door. It was our Chinese food. I paid the deliveryman and took the food over to Leslie on the couch.
"I don't even remember you ordering," she said. "Oooh, my favorite, how did you know?" she said as she saw that I had ordered her orange chicken with fried rice.
"I pay attention, Love," I said to her as she smiled back sweetly at me, and thanked me for the food.
She pulled her hair up in a ponytail as we ate on the couch. I noticed a mark on her neck, which made me smile to myself.
"Sorry about that, Love," I said as I brushed my fingers across the mark on her neck. She put her hand to the spot where I had just touched and remembered what I had done to her. "Oh, it's okay," she said, blushing slightly as she looked down smiling.
I had a cheeky grin on my face.

"So what was Louis going on about earlier?" she asked. I suddenly remembered the reason for her little love bite. I bit my bottom lip and smiled. I think she just remembered too because I could see her cheeks starting to turn pink as she looked down again.

"He was telling me about going camping sometime you want to come with? It's going to be all the boys, Danielle and Eleanor."
"Yeah it sounds like fun," she said with a smile.
"You're welcome to invite Jake if you want," I said with a smug smile raising my eyebrows up and down. She gave me a look and I couldn't help but laugh. "I know, I know, I'm just teasing," I said. She stuck her tongue out at me.

"Oh, the fortune cookies!" she said as she remembered and searched in the bag for them.
"Here this one can be yours, and this one will be mine," she said, handing me my cookie. We both opened them at the same time.
She read hers first. "Love isn't something you find, love is something that finds you."
I read mine. "Love is like is often found in the most unlikely places." The fortunes couldn't have been more spot on.

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