Friends With Benefits


16. Chapter 16

Harry P.O.V.

The ride was intense! I tried my best to keep calm for Leslie's sake because she was so scared, but man, was I scared too. When it was all over we walked out, and she was still squeezing my arm. As soon we came into view with Jake, she let go. I was a bit disappointed.
"How was it?" Zayn asked Leslie as we all approached the rest of the group.
"Oh my god, it was intense! I think I'm done for the night with rides though," she said.
"How about we all go find something to eat, and then play some carnival games?" Liam suggested.
"Yes! I'm starving!" Niall said quickly standing up from the bench he was sitting on.
"How're you feeling?" Leslie asked Jake.
"All better," he said to her with a smile. He did look better now, unfortunately.
"Glad to hear," she smiled back.
As we were walking, Jake put his arm around her shoulder. Leslie started twiddling with her thumbs. She always did that when she was uncomfortable. It made me feel a bit better knowing she didn't like his arm around her.
We all went over to get some food from the concession stands. Everyone got their share of popcorn, cotton candy, churros, corn dogs and sodas. Jake bought Leslie a cotton candy and some popcorn, her two least favorite things. She faked a smile and said "Thanks," as he handed it to her.
I got myself a large coke and a churro, which I knew were Leslie's favorite things. I wanted to let her sneak a sip and a bite when Jake wasn't looking. She slowly ate her cotton candy, trying to enjoy it but I knew she wasn't. When Jake excused himself to the bathroom, I swooped in by her side.
"Here, now's your!" I said so only she could hear. She looked at me then at my churro and drink, and her eyes lit up.
"You know me so well!" she said with a huge smile. She drank some coke and took a few bites out of my churro quickly. I ate as much of the popcorn as I could, and took a few bites of her cotton candy. "He's coming," I said as we traded back our food. "Thank you," she whispered sweetly, looking straight into my eyes.
"Someone must have been hungry," Jake said as he looked at the half empty popcorn and almost finished cotton candy. Leslie looked over at me as we tried to hide our laughter.
"Let's go play some games, shall we?" Louis suggested.
"Yes, let's!" Liam said excitedly.
Everyone went to the water gun game, while Leslie and Jake went to the dart toss game right next to us since all of the seats were filled for our game.
I was losing so badly at this point-and-shoot game. I was distracted by what Leslie and Jake were doing. Jake was attempting to win her a stuffed animal but was failing miserably at aiming the darts to pop the balloons.
Now's my chance to shine.
When our game was over I went by Jake and Leslie.
"I'm going to win you this panda, I mean all girls love pandas right," I overheard Jake say. Wrong. Leslie hated pandas, but I knew she wouldn't tell him that.
Without acknowledging them I put my money on the table for the attendant and took my three darts. I tossed the first one, and *pop!* one down, two to go. *pop!* I struck another balloon. As I got my last dart I began to aim it and took a quick glance at Jake and Leslie. She had her mouth open in awe and Jake had an irritated look on his face. I smiled to myself and threw the last dart. *pop!* "And we have a winner!" I heard the man yell.
"I'll take the giant penguin," I said. Leslie loved penguins. As I got my prize, I handed it to her. "For you, Love," I said with a smile as I watched her eyes light up and her mouth drop with excitement. I gave a smug look to Jake and went back to the group without another word. Yeah, that's how it's done.

We all hung around for a bit longer hanging out and playing games until we decided it was time to get going.

"Kay, let's go, Love," I said.
"I can take her home," Jake said interrupting.
"Erm...actually I'm staying at Harry's," she said nervously. He raised his eyebrows and shot a quick irritated glance to me. I couldn't help but have a smug look on my face. Yeah, that's right, she's staying with me. She's going to be sleeping in MY bed tonight.
"Oh okay, then," he said. "Well I had a really great time tonight," he said with a smile. "So did I," she said. Then out of nowhere, he leaned in and kissed her. The smile was instantly gone from my face.
"I'll talk to you later, maybe we can do this again sometime," he said heading back to his car, but first looking at me and giving me a smug look. I hate this guy.
Leslie just nodded her head. She looked a bit shocked and confused. I don't think she was expecting that kiss.

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