The hunger games

Have you ever wondered what the life of one of the survivors of the hunger games life is really like? This short story is for you!


1. For I.... have survived the Hunger games


Ever since I was a young as I can remember, my home town is always how I remember it now. Lets just say that's it's not the place you would dream to live.

As soon as you arrive to the district, immediately you wish to be leaving. If only wishes came true! Nothing more than soot and dust clogs the air, which sticks to your lungs the instant you breathe in the foul stench of rotting food; left their for days, only appealing to the scavengers in the district that can not afford their own food, clutters the narrow back alleys that weave their way round the houses of the district. Houses. More like the remains of buildings attacked from bombs, that many of us call home, if only it was homely. Despite the hundreds of inhabitants crammed into the district, working together all day, I have never felt more lonely. Nobody has the time to talk, for the fear of being captured by the peace keepers for saying something against the capital. 'Peace keepers,' in my opinion is not the best word to describe those who terrify us into rebelling against the Capital. The ironic thing is, these 'Peace keepers,' are the main reason why we so wish to rebel even more! With my district being the supplier of coal it is not unusual to see many men returning from the mines completely black with dirt, so much so, it is at time difficult to identify who is who. If only the Capital really knew just what, we were going through; maybe they would spare us a thought next time they decided to dress in their flamboyantly coloured clothes or taste the delectable food which is served to them. Yet I very much doubt that. For we live two different lives. Our lives our to serve, whilst the lives of the people living in the capital are to be served. I, one of few of my district; have seen what the Capital is truly about. I've, as the Capital would have said have had the 'privilege' to meet them all. So much of a privilege I have had. My life risked, my opposition killed, my home town dying, all for the 'pleasure and enjoyment,' for these insensate, heartless, brain-dead people ; I'm not even sure 'people' is the right word to describe them. More like monsters, who will watch us risk our lives, have our opposition killed and will watch our home town fall, for entertainment. For this is what the hunger games is all about. For I Haymitch....... have survived the hunger games!  

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