Not gonna say much. Oneshot. If this leads anywhere, I'll write more.


3. The Call

It's been around 3 days since Shell Beans. I'm beginning to think I've been ripped off, but I don't really want to call. If they want to hire me, they're gonna have to make the first move. I'm one stubborn woman. Then as I packed up to go to the beach, I got The Call. It was from the Shell Beans guy. This is how it went:
"Hello, Is this Serena Williams?"
"My name is Jake Robinson and I'm the manager here at Shell Beans. You're applying as our new dessert chef, yes?" Shell Beans is an American franchise, don't even ask me why. And why does he sound so..., different?
"Could you come in for a meeting as soon as possible?"
"Actually, I was on my way to the beach right now."
"Perfect. Could you come by for 15 minutes?"
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