Not gonna say much. Oneshot. If this leads anywhere, I'll write more.


1. Alone.

I'm Serena Willliams. 18 years old. Brought up in London. English. I live in the Maldives. You would think that living in the 9th smallest country in the world is easy. It's total crap, I tell you. Except for the beaches and the guys. Currently Unemployed. Job hunting. I'm a chef. A pastry chef. Not so hard to get a job as one of those around here. It is when you're completely Alone. No known family, no friends. Fresh out of school and clueless. Atleast I've narrowed down my list of places to apply to. An ice cream parlour, a post office, two seaside coffee shops. I should get a good night's sleep for tomorrow. It's gonna be a hell of a day.
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