Life, one question about it. Why is it worth bothering about?


2. Danger

Depression isn't helping since everyone I live and breathe around is themselves depressed, stressed or pissed off with life in general. I know I'm all three of them. But obviously, I can't say this, cause everyone will think I'm selfish, and that I care for no-one but myself. That's the opposite of me! I care more for my friends than anyone, more so than myself. I hate how people can look at me and automatically think they know me based on the way I act. Has this ever crossed your mind, maybe I act? I'm not happy or bubbly, I'm actually rather dangerous. That reminds me of something that happened yesterday:


3rd October 2012
I was on the playground crying my eyes out cause I was really upset and shit (I'll get into that eventually later on in this Movella) Life has never treated me well since I turned 14. And then, some idiotic chav decided that this would be the best time to come over, call me names, and take the piss out of the fact that I was crying! Wanna know what I did next? I charged towards him, pushed him against the table (this was outside) and punch him in the face. I hadn't punched anyone before like that, but I was so pissed off, and I wanted to do that for so...... long to be honest actually. That following lesson I was wondering around with my two friends Nicole and Chloe. Until eventually, they were both sent back to class and I was in Student Services talking to one of the teachers. I had talked to her before a week ago, but the depression was spreading through me like wildfire. Burning everything in it's way, leaving nothing but black emptiness.

And that's all I wanna get into about that day.... I don't particularly want to think about it.

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