I don't know...

Louis or Niall?
Both Love me but how do I know which boy is the one?


13. Words hurt...


I walk in the kitchen to see Louis with a knife. I gasp as he brings the knife up. He starts mumbling:

Kevin is a pigeon,
He is grey and white
And he flies despite,

He is a unique pigeon,

He can still fly,
He can still make a nest,
But out of all the pigeons,
He is the best

This is a poem about Kevin,
Kevin is a pigeon you know,
He is could be seven
He could be three,
But all we need to know is that Kevin is a unique pigeon.


Then Louis brings the knife up and stabs through the plastic pigeon, Kevin. "Louis what the hell?" I ask. He has tears running down his cheeks. "You told me to grow up, and adults don't have plastic toys, three year old do" Louis sobbed. "Louis that's not what I meant and you know it!" I tried to comfort him. "Get of me!" He yelled. I lost it after that. "OMG! I tried to help you stop being a p**k and just have some common sense!" I yelled back before going into the living room. I started to remember the fights me and Louis had and what he said to me. Maybe he was right.

Harry's P.O.V

We went out shopping then to Zayn's house. We were laughing and ended up sleeping on the coach, I woke up and apologized. I hope Niall and Louis haven't killed each other; I started to worry because they wouldn't pick up the phone. I got back and rushed in the door to see Louis in the kitchen crying in a ball, and Niall not making a sound curled up in a ball. I went to Louis first "Go away!" He snapped. "Louis! I'm trying to help!" I yelled. "Don't bother he'll just yell at you" a weak voice came from the living room. I rush to Niall and he was laying there and I could tell that he wasn’t eating. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a chocolate bar. I ran back. “No! I’m not going to eat it” Niall said, pushing the bar away.

I was stunned he never does that. “Why?” I asked. “Louis said that I should stop filling my face with food!”

I gasped and marched into the kitchen where Louis was sat at the table. I took the seat opposite to him. “Why?” I asked yet again. “Niall told me to stop being such a baby and grow up! So I told him to stop stuffing his face” He started to raise his voice. “I didn't mean it and he didn't either we were just mad at the time” Louis started to break down in tears. I sighed and I didn't know what to do. I talked to Niall about it and he’s happy to start eating again.

Niall and Louis were still uneasy around each other but they don’t fight for the benefit of me, Liam and Zayn. I invited the rest of the boys round were we could just have a laugh but they were busy? And they wouldn't say why…

A/N- Thanks to all the readers. I’d like to say, thank you Jess for getting me to put the poem in the story haha I might write like 2-3 more chapters then write a sequel called ‘Is love lost?’ Thanks for reading :D

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