I don't know...

Louis or Niall?
Both Love me but how do I know which boy is the one?


11. Wheres Niall...

We phoned the police and ambulance right away. The police were searching the house and the ambulance were finding her pulse and seeing if she was breathing.One doctor looked up and said "Were sorry but shes not breathing and we can't find a pulse" The doctor took her hat of and try to comfort Niall who was screaming in pain. "you okay sir" asked the nurse. "My hearts broken" He cried. Nothing was working to comfort him.I felt guilty. "Mr Payne?" Asked a police officer "Yes!" I answered. "We found these..." She showed me the bottle. It was a bottle of suicide tablets. "What? How? When? What? Why?" I thought. I was speechless. Stunned and crushed. Niall looked up and the boys crowded round to see, Niall caught one word on the bottle until he was crying so much, he couldn't breath. The nurses quickly reacted and gave him gas which calmed him down a little. He was still crying.

We watched as our beloved friend Sam got took away in a plastic bag. "Wait!" Niall shouted. "I want to see her face one more time" He cried. "Okay" The nurses said as they un-zipped the top of the bag. Niall approached Sam and crouched so he was head height with her. "I love you Sam" and then she kissed her lips and backed away and Louis looked at him with disgust. Then Sam was taken away.

2 weeks later

Louis and Niall wasn't the same after that. Louis never pranks anymore and Niall doesn't find things funny. Its not the same. We've only met her for about a few weeks and shes changed our lives. Niall couldn't stop mourning. He'd cry himself to sleep and everything that reminded of Sam, which was alot of things, he would start crying. One night we didn't hear him cry himself to sleep. We thought that was good until the morning.

In the morning we all got up, apart from Niall, which was strange as he always gets up when its breakfast. I headed upstairs to see if he was okay but he wasn't in his room. His phone was on his bed and on his walls was words saying...

'I can't live without her'

I gasped and fell to my knees. So many bad things were happening to us. I yelled the boys upstairs and Louis just walked away, He couldn't believe him. The boys all got worried and I called the police, again. They sent a search party for him.

1 Week later

We were all sick and worried it wasn't the same without Niall or Sam why? There was a knock at the door and we ran to get it, we saw the police. "And...?" I asked. "We found him" We were so revealed, even Louis, he was like a brother and you can't stay mad at your brother. Then the police man took of his hat and showed us a picture of how they found him. He was lying in a river bank, unconscious with blood on his jacket. "Hes being treated in hospital at the moment, were very sorry. We found a knife in his pocket when we found him" I gasped I couldn't believe that he would follow in Sam's tracks. The police left, even they had been tearing up. why? why? I felt like I couldn't breath and all the boys were telling me to take deep breaths. But then everything went black.  

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