I don't know...

Louis or Niall?
Both Love me but how do I know which boy is the one?


2. Seeing Harry again...

I was walking in town on the way to my work. I work at a charity shop that my friend started, Its supports orphan's because my friend was a orphan so she knows how it feels.

Anyway I was on my way to work when I bumped into someone, I fell to the ground and picked up my bag when the person said "Oi! why'd ya bump into me god! watch where your going" He said whilst giving me this evil look in his eyes. "I'm s-sorry" I replied nervously. "You better be you--" He got cut off by a similar person walking up to me "You back of her alright!" The familiar person shouted to the rude man, he just walked of.

"Sam? I-Its harry! Remember me?" Harry said hoping that it was me. "Harry!" I said as my face lit up. I threw my arms around his neck to give him a hug. I haven't seen him since I moved. "want to go for coffee?" Harry asked. "I'm on my way to work but my lunch break is at 12 until half 1" He said nodded "see ya at costa." He replied winking.

After my shift ended I went to costa and saw harry sitting there waiting. He saw me and smiled. I almost didn't recognize him because he had a hat covering his curls and sunglasses. We sat chatting and laughing. "Oh I have to get back to work." I said

"Oh that's okay, whats your number?" He replied. We traded numbers and went our separate ways.I was walking out of work when I got a text from harry.

Hey Sam. I was talking with the boys and they wanted to meet you. Haz xx

I Texted back;

Okay where do we meet? Sam x

He told I to meet at costa (again)

I went there and it was just him. "Wheres the boys?" I asked puzzled. "At home, but you don't know where that is." He replied smirking.

A/N- I heard today that Niall had knee surgery and is in crutches. Poor baby :(

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