I don't know...

Louis or Niall?
Both Love me but how do I know which boy is the one?


10. Sam don't...

A/N- Hey readers so I have updated the chapter 'goodbye' because I missed a bit out. Sorry haha hope you like it though :D

Liam's P.O.V

I kept driving, I have no idea where, I don't know where she ran. So I drove aimlessly anywhere. I drove by the beach and the cliffs and I saw Sam. I jumped out the car and raced towards her. I placed my hand on her shoulder. "Get off me" She screamed and I stepped back. "Don't jump!" I screamed back. "Why not, I don't want tot be the reason that the worlds famous boy band break up. If Niall and Louis can't have me No-one can!" Sam cried  whilst falling to the ground and I caught her. Just then my phone rung.

Me: Hello

Zayn: Hey mate, its not going so good, their worried sick about you and Sam!

Me: Shes with me now, sorry I had no reception were fine wassup back home?

Zayn: Harry won't come out of his room and Louis and Niall ain't speaking.

Me: I'll try to get back asap see ya man!

Zayn: see ya!

Sam was just curled up in a ball crying. "It isn't your fault, hey lets go back The boys are worried about us, come on lets go home" I tried to comfort her whilst rubbing her back. We just sat there in a awkward silence until she stood up "lets go then..." she sniffled. We drove back, not saying a word. We walked in the house but no one was in, I went to the back garden to find them. I greeted them and then Harry and Zayn hugged Sam after she came through a while later, Niall and Louis didn't move but just gave each other evil stares. We were having a BBQ trying to have a good time. "Sam whats that?" I asked as she put something in her mouth and take a sip of water. "Oh just headache tablets, I don't feel so good" She fake smiled, I just nodded as she took another one.

"Who's up for swimming?" I suggested, trying to lighten up the mood. No one I just sighed and sat down. It was all silent until Sam got up holding her throat. "Sam!" I shouted, waking Zayn up. She wasn't breathing properly and collapsed to the ground and then she went silent, her eyes were open and she wasn't blinking. Her chest stayed still. I could feel my cheeks getting wet and my eyes blurry. Niall started screaming, like his heart had been broken in a million pieces and Louis crying heavily with Harry and Zayn in tears. Was she there, laying before us as a dead corpse on the patio whom we once called the best est friend ever. 

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