I don't know...

Louis or Niall?
Both Love me but how do I know which boy is the one?


14. Planning the funeral...

Liam's P.O.V

I told harry that we were busy, which was true, but I didn't say why because me and Zayn thought Niall and Louis would argue over this. We wanted Harry to stay with them so World War 3 doesn't start. Me and Zayn were planning Sam's funeral. It would be held next week.

By the end of the night we decided that 'Flying without wings' would play and that we should all have a speech for Sam. Zayn had an idea of putting something special on top of her coffin. I had an idea of all us 5 carrying her coffin to her grave. We decided to tell the boys about it tomorrow.

****The next day****

We knocked round Harry's to find a hung over Louis and Niall. "Sorry they grabbed the drinks" Harry said as we entered. "Morning guys" I said. Niall just moaned into a cushion. Zayn went over and opened the curtains. "Shut the bloody curtains" Louis yelled. Niall then ran upstairs. "Oh god! I'll be right back" Said harry letting out a giant sigh. Me and Zayn thought to tell them tomorrow when their better.

We could hear Niall............being ill in the bathroom, lets just say and Louis was just groaning about his head hurting like hell. We decided to help Harry look after the boys today as we had nothing on. Louis took some headache tablets and went to his room to sleep. Niall by this time was passed out in the bathroom. Harry came in and sat down next to us and us three just watched TV quietly, so we didn't wake the others, when this program came on about Sam. Just as it started Louis walked in. "Do you know anything about this Lou?" Harry asked. "Uh.......Yeah......They rung like a few days ago asking for permission.........I said yeah!" Louis replied squinting at the TV. We recorded the program for Niall.


*near the end of the show*

Just a girl at 17 died committed suicide in a back garden. Her story:

She met some boys and became very close to them. A month later she died in one of the boys back garden and there was suicide pills found after her death. Was one of the boys smuggling it into her food!

Harry's P.O.V

"What the hell!" I yelled at the TV. "I saw her taking the damn tablets!" Liam blurted. "What and you did nothing to stop her!" I questioned. "No, I didn't know they were suicide tablets she told me they were headache tablets." Liam sobbed. "Why would she do this to us." I cried. Zayn gave me a hug, trying to comfort me, it usually does the trick but not today.

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