I don't know...

Louis or Niall?
Both Love me but how do I know which boy is the one?


3. Meeting the boys...

Harry took me to his flat in London, it was about a 5 minute drive. Harry walked in first and I followed in to see 4 heads pop up and look at me. They all said 'Hi' and got up to greet me. I shook Liams' hand then Zayns' and when it came to Louis he blushed and said 'you name is?' 

"Samantha!" I smiled. "What a beautiful name." Niall blurted and went red as the boys gave him a look. I sat down and harry offered me a drink and I said yes, so he went of to make us all drinks. We were just watching the TV when Louis shouted "I'm Bored!" I just giggled and his random comment. I had butterflies in my stomach whenever one of the boys looked at me. Harry came in with our drinks and plopped himself down and saw we were all looking bored. "I know!" Harry shouted "How about Truth or dare?"

All the boys nodded and you were thinking "Oh god!" I was first "Sam! Truth or dare?" I was thinking "truth" I said. The boys thought and thought. They huddled in a mini circle whispering and occasionally looking at me. "Right! Is it true that you have ever had a relationship of any kind?" Zayn asked with a grin. I looked at the floor and blushed "No! Its ain't true I've always been too busy for relationship." The boys started giggling when they realized that I were serious.I continued the game until like 9pm. 

"Ooh! Look at the time I need to get home!" I said looking at your watch. "I'll drive you back Louis said jumping up, Niall did not look pleased. "Okay, i'll just ring my house to say i'm on my way back" I replied, Louis nodded.

Phone call


Hello Sam!

Mum? You okay?

Well, our house has burned down *crying* So you have to stay at a friends house for a while!

Mum *crying*

*hangs up*


I hang up and start to cry. "whats up?" Liam says running up to me. He leads me to the coach. When I finally stop crying I look up at the boys with wet cheeks and red eyes. "Its th-the house i-its g-gone" I manage. "Gone?" Niall questioned. "Its just ashes now" I say and start crying again. I could see that the boys were getting teary eyed as well especially Niall. "Hey!" Harry said rubbing my back. "If you need a place to stay, you can stay here for a bit, I mean the boys are staying here tonight anyway." He smiled and I let out a small smile. I went to to the bathroom to clean myself up, I looked a state. Mascara everywhere!

I wiped off my make-up and put my hair up into a neat bun, I walked downstairs. "Thats better, no make-up" Liam winked. You spent the rest of the night eating, laughing, talking and watching movies and playing dares. You noticed that Niall kept looking at you, Harry noticed it as well.


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