I don't know...

Louis or Niall?
Both Love me but how do I know which boy is the one?


7. Louis...

So... My friend (jess) haha is begging me to write more so here ya go :)

Niall's P.O.V

We saw Sam leave and then all we heard next was her scream. Me and the boys ran upstairs "Whats the matter?" Liam shouted. "Its Louis" Sam shouted back pointing at the bathroom door. By now she was crying her eyes out. I tried to comfort her. Everyone was scared to go in until Harry walked in and screamed out crying, he fell to the floor with his head in his hands uncontrollably crying I went in and I couldn't believe it! Louis was unconscious with blood coming from his arm. I tried to comfort harry but he was couldn't stop screaming with tears. "LIAM CALL THE AMBULANCE" I tried to shout but it was very weak because of the tears. Zayn was comforting Sam when Liam was calling the ambulance before walking in and bursting into tears.Harry was holding Louis' hand still screaming with tears. Finally the ambulance arrived so we gathered outside the bathroom crying non-stop.

We arrived at the hospital, Harry went in the ambulance vehicle and we took a taxi because we were in no state to drive. We all arrived at the hospital, Sam was scared so she held onto me. I wanted to smile because she was holding me but not now. We approached the reception "Louis Tomlinson please" Zayn asked weakly. "right through here" The nurse replied walking to the room and we followed. We walked into the room to see harry sitting next to Louis' bed. He was awake but weak. "what happened Lou?" I asked. He started crying again, I felt guilty. "I'm sorry Lou" I whispered. "Its okay" He cried. Paul then walked into the room and gave Lou a card and said "Boys we need you now, sorry Lou get well soon We need you boys for a interview." and with that he walked out the room me and the boys following. We got back and cleaned ourselves up so it didn't look like we were crying and headed to the interview.

Sam's P.O.V

The boys walked out with Paul leaving me and Louis on our own. I sat on the chair next to his bed. "What happened?" I asked bursting into small and silent sobs. "I thought I mucked up *cough* When you said you didn't hate me I thought you were saying that to make me feel better *cough* I hated myself for it" He replied weakly. "Oh" I was speechless "You know that I don't hate you please don't do it again" I smiled. "I won't" He tried to smile but couldn't. "Visiting hours are over, unless your related you can't stay over-night. Are you related" A nurse asked. "No sorry i'll go" I smiled and kissed Louis on the head as I left.

I took a taxi back to Louis' and Harry's flat, where I was staying, and I made my way to the Living room and sat down and turned on the television. The boys were at a interview, the interview said 'wheres Louis?' the boys tried to ignore it so they don't cry but they couldn't, Paul noticed and came in and just said "hes not here and the boys don't want to talk about it sorry!" The boys thanked Paul as he left again. "So..... Some fans requested 'The truth game' The rules are very simple, we ask you a question and you answer telling the truth." The interviewer announced. The boys nodded, Niall looked concerned. "First one is for Liam, Okay so is it true that you have pet turtles?" The boys all looked at Liam. "Yes I had to split them up because I came home and one of them was missing a foot." The boys and the interviewer laughed,so did I.

"The next one is for Zayn, Is it true that you carry a mirror round with you because you don't want your hair to mess up?" The interviewer look at Zayn as he replied. "No I do care about my hair but not as much as people think."

"The next one is for harry, Is it true you have a cat named Dusty?" Harry laughed "Yes I do have a cat but he live with my mum in Holmes Chapel."

"The final one for Niall, Is it true that your going out with Sam, you've been seen with her alot." The interviewer smiled. Niall didn't though, he looked down "I have always liked her, like as more as a friend" He said just above a whisper., before storming out in tears. The rest of the boys shared confused stares. They just sat there in awkward silence until Paul burst "Help me! Its Niall!"n He shouted.

"This interview has had to have a slight delay, sorry see ya next week where we'll be interviewing Taylor Swift" The interviewer calmly said.

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