I don't know...

Louis or Niall?
Both Love me but how do I know which boy is the one?


4. He loves me...

A/N- Sorry I took ages to write again computer broke down but its fixed now YAY

I woke up to see the rest of the boys asleep and I was in between Louis and Niall, awkward I thought. I heard movement and look to see Harry getting up."Morning" A husky voice spoke which made me smile. I just yawn "good morning" I reply waking up Louis. Me, Harry and Louis head to the kitchen to get something to eat. Harry starts cooking bacon and almost instantly Niall runs in shouting "FOOD!" waking up Zayn and Liam. "Niall be quite!" Zayn shouted

I walked back into the living-room to see Zayn and Liam just waking up. "morning" Liam said groggily. I smiled and walked upstairs to get changed. I was about to walk out when I saw Louis. "How long have you been there?" I asked stunned."Long enough" Louis replied with a wink. I rolled my eyes and started heading downstairs, Louis Followed. I walked into the dining room to find Niall stuffing his face full of Bacon and eggs. I just laughed he was so cute when he does that. I sat down and ate my Breakfast. Once we all finished harry suggested going to the park. We all nodded and grabbed our coats because it was quite cold.

The park is quite empty, But that's good. We were just running about like three year olds. I tripped over a tree root and tumbled to the ground and Niall came over to help me up. "I'm fine, I'm fine" I repeated. "Okay sorry." Niall replied. "well don't be" I said smirking. It was just me and Niall standing there by the tree "I love you" He blurted out with regret on his face. I just stood there with shock, not knowing what to say. "OI you two lets play some footie" Louis shouted.

It was about 6pm when Zayn suggested we went back so we did. back I arrived and Harry said "Boys do ya mind staying another night?" They all seemed fine with it. But all was awkward for me and Niall.

"what movie shall we watch" Louis announced.

"TOY STORY" Liam shouted 

"THE NOTEBOOK" Harry shouted

"FINDING NEMO" Niall shouted

"I DON'T CARE" Zayn shouted making everyone laugh. I just shrugged. We ended up not watching films but going to a club. I just borrowed a dress (not from the boys haha) and the boys just put a shirt tie and trousers, nothing fancy.

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