Not Again

Natalia and Zayn have fought countless times but one day something changed in them. The only thing is that they are both hiding secrets from the past that they have to keep that is why they can't accept the new changes in their lives.


2. What on Earth?

*everyone instead of _____'s Pov I'll just write their name*
Wow. Did Natalia just blush?She is starting to crack up. But,I noticed how beautiful she looks today with her dark brown wavy hair, her smile, her voice, and her eyes,oh those eyes-wait no.not again, never again.All she needs is help in science, help in science.

I am supposed to hate him. I'm supposed to NOT LIKE him. There, better.
I'm not gonna let history repeat itself just cause of my emotions. No I am not gonna let myself elf get broken hearted again. No no no no no no no no NO! I have to control myself but, shouldn't I have some fun? GOD? What is happening to me?Better meet him though. The bell rang already its lunchtime.

Here she comes time to look good. Wait? Why would I want to look good in front of Natalia?
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